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Why Choose BPO Contact Center?

28 October 2020

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Competition in this fast-paced technological era has made various companies compete with each other to show the best products and services. Companies need third party assistance in managing several activities that can help companies to focus more on their main business. This is known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which is the process of outsourcing or outsourcing some business functions by a specialist third party. Some of the services that can be supported by BPO include sales service support, customer support, and also technical support such as finance, law, development, marketing, product design, human resources, and also contact centers.

The era of competition as previously described makes companies more optimal in providing services to their consumers. Based on research conducted by the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020, as many as 51% of consumers have expectations of a response made by the company in under 5 minutes when they are contacting the company through the contact center. Therefore, BPO is needed in the field of customer service, one of which is the BPO contact center to assist companies in providing optimal service.

What is BPO Contact Center?

The BPO contact center is an outsourced service that handles services to customers through inbound and outbound calls. If a company wants to focus on its core business and increase productivity and efficiency, especially in serving customers, using BPO contact centers can be one of the considerations. For example, if your company sells products or services, then this outsourcing vendor or BPO contact center will handle tasks such as answering calls from your customers or being able to carry out telemarketing tasks to offer products and services from your company.

Types of BPO Contact Center

BPO contact center activities consist of two types of call centers, namely:

1. Inbound Contact Center Outsourcing

Inbound contact center outsourcing is answering incoming calls from customers such as customers placing orders, providing information related to customer needs, and handling customer complaints.

2. Outbound Contact Center Outsourcing

Outbound contact center outsourcing is making outgoing calls to existing calls and processes such as offering company products and services and providing the latest information related to company products and services.

In addition to making and receiving calls, the activities carried out by BPO contact centers also include data entry and other back end work, service desk services, front and back offices, technical support, as well as market research according to the needs of corporate customers.

Why Use BPO Contact Center?

By using BPO contact centers, companies can opt for outsourcing locations both outside the city and in other countries thereby giving businesses access to an educated workforce at low costs according to company demands. Companies can choose a number of options with contact center BPO partners, such as choosing options on a full outsource basis, manage services, or only with job supply.

BPO contact centers can provide flexibility for companies to form service functions to meet company business needs, especially in using contact center technology that is increasingly sophisticated and versatile. The following are some other reasons that companies can consider using BPO contact centers:

  • Cost-Effective. Because having an in-house contact center is not cheap. It takes costs for space, infrastructure, equipment, training costs, employee salaries, and others that can be done by outsourcing for a more cost-effective way. By using a BPO contact center, companies don't need to pay anything like IT infrastructure and data centers, companies don't need to train their own workers or agents because BPO contact centers can help you at a lower cost.
  • Saving time. Companies can save time on recruiting workers and running the contact center as a whole. Because recruiting labor takes a lot of time and will take valuable time from your company's business activities. In addition, the company will also spend time on training and managing new employees so that when using BPO contact centers, everything will be helped in managing a qualified and experienced workforce.
  • Developing Company Business. By using BPO contact centers, companies can focus on the company's core business so that the company can develop its business. This increases efficiency and productivity because the company focuses more on operations and other activities that have an effect on increasing company revenues and focuses on providing products and services that are in accordance with the needs of the company's customers.

Use BPO Contact Center to Provide Optimal Customer Service

The company's ability to provide a positive customer service experience can make your business thrive. It takes a response that is fast, precise, and can help meet consumer needs. In that case, the most appropriate way is to outsource to the experts. VADS Indonesia is the market leader in providing customer experience and outsourcing contact center services. By using VADS Indonesia, your company will receive quality customer service without having to waste time and resources from your core business functions. Some of the benefits of using services from VADS Indonesia are:

  • Has a headquarter in Malaysia. In addition, VADS Indonesia has offices in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang.
  • Has ISO 27001: 2013 certification for data and infrastructure security
  • Has an Information Technology Infrastructure Methodology (ITIL) certification in improving quality efficiently and effectively.
  • Serving 24/7 for 365 days
  • Have certified experts

To find out more about how BPO contact centers can maximize customer service in your company, please contact for consultation regarding customer service, contact centers, and customer service to improve your company's business performance.

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