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Drive health innovation. Transform healthcare experiences.

Information technology plays a vital role in the innovation of healthcare systems. It is a driving force to balance cost containment and healthcare quality. Thus, having quick access to patients’ records via on-demand healthcare data improves doctor patient engagement.

With PT VADS Indonesia, you are equipped with integrated health monitoring tools without compromising patients’ records and data security.

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Use Case

Digital channels have replaced traditional channels throughout the patient’s journey to find a hospital or healthcare facility.

The internet remains a primary resource for patients searching for healthcare facilities. The Healthcare industry must improving the digital experience, having patient personalization, leveraging data, smart technology, and data security for customer satisfaction. These are things that you're looking for some best practices to enhance the service of Healthcare customer experience. 

The Challenge : 

  • The incoming data can be surveyed accurately and validly as a customer database, as a business strategy that combines human and technological processes.
  • Help attract sales leads, convert them into customers, and retain existing, satisfied and loyal customers known as CRM

The Solutions : 

  • VADS Indonesia provides agents with a background in medical expertise such as doctors and pharmacy
  • VADS Indonesia provides Inbound & Outbound services to receive information, complaints, requests and customer data surveys.
  • VADS Indonesia provides Call Center services to validate customer data
  • VADS Indonesia provides a system, in the form of a CRM database for input of all customer data information as well as interactions with Call Center services both via telephony & social media
  • VADS Indonesia provides an SMS Masking system with the aim of marketing and informing promos about healthcare products.

Highlight : 

  • Well managed campaign and database, VADS Indonesia gets more than 200,000 data from Inbound Phone, All Social Media Channels (WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, Email, Instagram, Chatbot, Line) & Outbound Survey which will later serve as a business strategy for selling healthcare products.
  • Multi skill agent that have the ability to survey valid data customer
  • Real times result with 100% data touched

We supports any channels and tools to meet your needs based on your customers personalized preferred channels.

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