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6 Signs You Choose the Wrong Business Process Outsourcing Service Provider

02 March 2022

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A company always prioritizes efficiency, productivity, and income in running a business. To improve these things, it is not uncommon for businesses to consider business process outsourcing (BPO) services so that they can focus more on the company's core values.
Unfortunately, every businessman who uses BPO services always imagines one important question: is the chosen business process outsourcing service provider suitable for the company? If you are one of them, try to learn the signs you chose the wrong BPO company below.

1. Turnover rate is high
One of the signs you are choosing an unhealthy outsourcing partner is when the turnover rate is high. This is because a high turnover rate is a sign that the work environment or employment policy is in bad condition. Such BPO service providers are usually inexperienced and therefore less trustworthy. In addition, the turnover rate will certainly greatly impact the company's performance because there is a lot of time wasted just because of the continuous adaptation of new employees.

2. Troubled in attendance
One of the advantages provided by a business process outsourcing service provider for your company is of course human resources. However, when the human resources provided are infrequent and absent, this can become a big problem.

Attendance problems are usually caused by the location of the BPO company's office which is difficult for agents to reach or perhaps poor management of the remote work system. Offices that are far from public transportation and connectivity problems on remote desktops will affect the presence of agents, so the company's performance will decline due to lack of human resources.

Lack of human resources will cause delays in project completion. Not to mention the delegation of tasks that day that must be given to other employees who come to work, thus causing the workload to be unbalanced.

3. Too often hold meetings
The main purpose of your company using business process outsourcing services is to be able to focus on the process of implementing the company's development plan. The problem is, when your BPO service provider asks for coordination meetings for each agent's work too often, it's a sign that your partner company is having trouble working on the project you assigned to them.

It could be that they do not have the experience or even the competence to do so. For that, you should look for a BPO company that can work on your project without constantly asking for help.

4. Unclear communication
Communication is the key to any relationship, including BPO service partners. If your communication with your BPO partner company is not good, it will be difficult to build a trusted and high-value long-term business relationship.

Clarity of communication between companies and partners who provide BPO services is legally mandatory, for eliminating inconsistencies and assumptions. For example, say you want to discuss a project with the project manager, but in fact, it is directed to different people.

This proves that the BPO company is not serious about working on your project. Or it could be that they don't have the competence to solve it so they throw it to the other party. This will certainly hamper the effectiveness of project completion.

5. The level of client satisfaction decreases
A business always prioritizes clients by providing the best experience while using your company's products or services. The better the service provided, the more loyal your customers will be. However, when their satisfaction decreases, that is a sign that there is a problem with your BPO provider company. It is possible that they are handling your customers carelessly.

To find out the main problem, it's a good idea to communicate with business process outsourcing provider partners to find the best solution to increase customer satisfaction. When the level of client satisfaction is not their priority, then the good name of your company is at stake.

6. Deteriorating financial performance
If you want to know how a company manages its resources, then financial records can be a key indicator. Check the financial records of your partner company. If their financial performance tends to be poor, then avoid it. This is because the BPO provider partner is part of your company's liabilities so it will greatly impact the progress of the business in the future.

If your company starts experiencing these signs, chances are there is a problem in choosing your business process outsourcing service provider. For that, you should turn to a trusted and proven BPO service provider such as PT VADS Indonesia.

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