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How Does Robotic Process Automation Work?

09 March 2023

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In this increasingly sophisticated era, the presence of technology will greatly assist human work, one of which is saving time. One technology that can save human work time is robotic process automation or RPA to eliminate repetitive work processes. RPA is software that is used to imitate and do human work.

In everyday life, you may have often encountered the application of this robotic process automation. Starting from taking on a help desk role, checking forms, and processing payments to detecting fraud. To understand more about this technology, let's look at the explanation together!

What is Robotic Process Automation?
For some people, maybe the term robotic process automation still sounds foreign. This technology emerged in the early 2000s, then RPA continued to be developed to help humans. RPA itself is a development of artificial intelligence (AI), workflow automation, and screen scraping. The combination of the three technologies is focused on collecting data, increasing the speed and accuracy of data processing, and utilizing artificial intelligence systems that are capable of carrying out human tasks and jobs.

How does Robotic Process Automation work?
Simply put, you will only enter the system in the form of an RPA bot. Later, this bot will work for you. The RPA bot will work by copying, retrieving data from e-mail or websites, entering received data, making calculations, moving data, entering the program, and connecting to the API.

RPA will not change existing systems, because this technology has the ability to adapt to various workflows. That way, it can be said that RPA bots are very easy to set up and adapt to the needs of the business or industry that wants to apply them.

Types of industries that can take advantage of Robotic Process Automation
Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that RPA is capable of carrying out repetitive tasks for various industries. Moreover, the advantages that easily adapting to existing systems will greatly help humans. Therefore, many industries take advantage of this advanced technology. Here are some industries that are leveraging RPA.

1. Health

The first industry to take advantage of RPA was the healthcare sector. In the world of health, you will surely find many important documents that concern the lives of many people. The existence of robotic process automation can reduce the risk of data exchange or other human errors with medical record automation and proper data management.

2. Telecommunications

In the telecommunications sector, RPA's task is to help store important data, considering that the telecommunications sector stores large amounts of customer data. Repetitive tasks such as document storage are crucial for the continuity of this sector.

3. Banking

The application of robotic process automation in the banking world encourages efficiency while increasing accuracy. This is proven because RPA can detect fraud and potential fraud from suspicious accounts. In addition, the process of registering new customers has also become easier, because all documents are processed directly by this technology system quickly and precisely.

4. Customer service

Another use of RPA is in the field of customer service. The system can do work such as verifying documents that have been uploaded by customers. From these documents, the system can immediately decide on the next steps according to the accuracy of the documents uploaded. Customer service can also be done more quickly because of the help of technology

In the business world itself, robotic process automation certainly brings new winds and also a myriad of benefits. You'll get more accurate and faster data output, increase productivity, eliminate opportunities for human error, and save costs. Therefore, as a businessman, you need to consider applying RPA.

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