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6 Customer Service Capabilities that Must Be Mastered in the Digital Era

19 October 2021

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Customer service is the support you offer your customers, both before and after they buy and use your product or service, to help them have an easy and enjoyable experience with your business. Customer support is more than just providing answers, it's an important part of promises your business makes to customers.

In this digital era, there are several customer service skills that must be mastered so that your business can provide the best customer service. The best customer service means being able to meet customer expectations, from good language skills to the willingness to continue learning in order to continuously improve the quality of service.

Good language skills
If a customer contacts you, it's likely because they encountered a problem with your product or service. So, it is natural for them to feel disappointed or even angry. However, despite customer anger, customer service agents must remain positive and have good language skills. The ability to steer the conversation toward positive outcomes with the use of positive language is critical to providing customers with the service they expect.

Furthermore, the ability of customer service that must be mastered is problem-solving. Problem-solving involves a lot of customer service skills, characterized by a professional approach and constant and clear communication overall.

One of the main keys to successful problem solving is a clear identification of the problem. When a customer raises a complaint, try to summarize the problem the customer is having to make sure you capture their story correctly. Only then can you analyze the problem and provide solutions as needed.

Patience and empathy
Customer service agents have to get used to and be patient with angry customers or maybe even rude when conveying problems and complaints. Keeping calm is very important to provide the best customer service. If you are impatient and get emotional, it will be more difficult to deal with the customer. That is why patience is one of the customer service skills that must be mastered in the digital era.

In addition, the list of customer service skills that must be mastered will not be complete without empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand the emotions of others and understand their point of view. 70% of customer experiences are based on how they feel treated. It doesn't matter if the problem has been solved or if there is a refund, customers generally value emotional help more. This indicates that you understand their feelings.

Quickly adapt
Next, the customer serviceability that must be mastered in the digital era is adapting quickly. Your business may have standard policies or scripts designed to serve customers. However, keep in mind that every customer has a unique character. Therefore, customer service agents must be ready to adapt to various situations. In addition to strong adaptability, flexibility in responding to various situations in a way that customers prefer will increase their satisfaction.

Product knowledge
Having product knowledge is also customer serviceability that must be mastered and no less important. Customers can get very frustrated when they meet a customer service agent who doesn't have the necessary product-related information. In such a situation, admitting that you don't know can make the customer even angrier, while pretending you know and providing the wrong information will make the situation worse.

Therefore, train customer service agents to be able to answer all questions related to products and services so that they can respond appropriately. Customer service agents who have extensive product knowledge will not only provide solutions to customer problems but also ultimately help businesses get maximum sales.

Willingness to keep learning
Finally, the customer serviceability that must be mastered in the digital era is the willingness to continue learning. Being satisfied too soon after reaching a target or answering all customer questions and complaints can be a problem in the future. Because there will always be new challenges that may be faced later. Customer service who has a willingness to continue learning can help realize the excellent service that your business can offer.

Those were at least six customer service skills that must be mastered in the current digital era. Make sure your agents have the best customer service capabilities to provide optimal service to your customers. VADS Indonesia can help you to get the best customer service to optimize your company's customer service, see in full here!

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