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What is AI and How Does it Work for Website Development?

20 April 2022

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The development of technology today is very helpful for much human work in general. For business people and company owners, the use of technology will speed up work so that businesses can develop faster. One of the uses of technology can be reflected in the emergence of artificial intelligence or AI. This cutting-edge technology can be applied to various aspects of business, including website development.

You may be wondering what AI is and how does it work to build websites? You don't need to worry because in this article, we will discuss more using AI for website development. However, before that, it helps you understand what AI really is.

What is AI?
AI, or in Indonesian called artificial intelligence, is a computer science where systems can solve complex problems according to those that have been modeled on computer machines. That is, if you enter a system in a computer machine, the machine will work according to what has been programmed. For example, if you create a program that makes financial management easier, then the machine can process data related to your income, expenses, and even business taxes.

The same thing can happen if you set up a program to build a better business website. The use of AI for website development can speed up the website development process, search engine optimization, create content, build an online store, create referrals, and create applications.

How AI works for website development
AI can also be used to design your business website to make it easier to use and look attractive. That way, the business website will become more lively and interactive. Then, how does AI actually work for website development? Here's the review!

1. Coding is fast and easy
The first way AI works is to make coding faster and easier. Users, or in this case you as a businessman, can easily and even automate tasks related to coding. This coding will be very necessary to build and design your business website. The problem is that not everyone can understand coding. Therefore, AI can help you with how it works quickly and precisely.

2. Quality assurance
AI for website development can provide good quality assurance. That is, AI will work to build websites automatically based on algorithms that have been embedded in the engine. That way, your business performance can improve and get better. Moreover, AI can also maintain data related to the needs of your website.

3. Improve the user experience
As a business or company owner, you definitely want to have an interactive website. One way is to plant a chatbot so that customers can easily access more information. You can improve the user experience, in this case, the consumer, with the presence of a chatbot that helps them. A chatbot based on the use of AI will be useful for answering questions and directing consumers if needed.

4. Improve accuracy
In the business world, the accuracy of data is very important. You will need data related to customer behavior when visiting your website. For example, what is often viewed, clicked on, or even purchased through your business website. The presence of AI on your website will help process this data. After that, you can use the existing data set to make decisions, such as which products to show more often to attract customers.

5. Real-time recommendations
Lastly is how AI works based on real-time. For example, a customer visits your website and searches for a product, but the product is out of stock. So, AI will make related product recommendations so that potential buyers are still interested in making purchases on your website. These real-time recommendations are also useful for you to make business decisions.

Based on the description above, you can understand what AI is and also how it works for website development. Developing a website is very useful for your business and company needs. PT VADS Indonesia comes with digital solutions according to what you need, including website development supported by AI technology. Learn more about Digital Solutions services from PT VADS Indonesia here!

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