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Know Various Terms in Virtual Assistant

16 February 2021

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Talking with virtual assistants is one of the ways customers communicate with companies. Virtual assistants are also one of the media used by companies to provide the fastest response to customers and also whenever a customer contacts the company. Chatbot and Voicebot are among the trends used by companies, especially in serving customers, and are indeed one of the innovations that both companies and customers are interested in.

The way Chatbot and Voicebot work allow computers or machines to respond to conversations by understanding, learning, and also interacting like a contact center agent. This is thanks to the Chatbot and Voicebot capabilities that have Artificial Intelligence embedded in them so that they can continue to learn and develop in response to customer conversations.

The following are some general terms related to Chatbot and Voicebot that you can understand when dealing with Chatbot and Voicebot:

1. Chatbot
Software that automatically answers questions from customers by using natural language for communication and interaction.
2. Voicebot
Is an advanced chatbot that interacts with customers using voice or speech. But you can also use a combination of voice and written text or sometimes without using any graphics or just sound.
3. Artificial Intelligence
A computer system capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence, such as speech recognition, understanding, language translators, and decision making.
4. Machine Learning
This system is based on an algorithm that makes a computer or machine able to learn independently from the given data. Machine Learning in chatbot and voice bot serves to improve the chatbot's ability to answer complex customer questions from time to time so that it can train machines to recommend and provide correct answers when customers talk to bots.
5. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
In other words, natural language processing is a field in Artificial Intelligence that deals with teaching computers how to understand and produce speech in language naturally so that it is like communicating with humans.
6.Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
NLU is a subfield of NLP that focuses on understanding human speech by analyzing and extracting information from it. It is used on AI-powered chatbots and voice bots to understand customer questions and answer them appropriately.
7. Deep Learning
Algorithms used in machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain insights.
8. Image Recognition
The process of identifying and detecting digital image and video objects or features to perform machine-based visual tasks.
9. Voice Recognition
Development of techniques and systems that allow computers to receive input in the form of spoken words by digitizing words and matching the digital signal with a certain pattern stored in the device. The results of the identification of the pattern will be read by the technology device as an order to do something.
10. Human Takeover
If the chatbot fails, it can be backed up by a human operator who supports and controls the conversation. The fact is that chatbots and voice bots cannot solve all problems, especially those that have not been programmed or are more complex. So that human intervention is very helpful and keeps the customer experience going well (Human Augmented Bot)

The various advances and developments in artificial intelligence that Chatbot and Voicebot have are making their role even more important for the company. Chatbot and Voicebot can also produce real-time information and data needed by companies so that companies can improve their customer service and produce products or services that suit the needs of their customers. The various technologies in Chatbot and Voicebot allow them to respond and respond quickly so that the number of conversations received increases.

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