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Strategies to Increase Customer Experience Using Social Media

10 November 2020

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The customer is one of the important factors in the business world of a company. Customers are not only a source of income and company income but also contribute to the development of a company. In this fast-paced era and increasingly sophisticated technology, customers are also increasingly accessing this technology to get updated information. On the other hand, companies must be able to reach a wider range of customers to be able to communicate and provide updates about their products and services to a wider audience. One way to reach a wider range of customers is by utilizing social media as a strategy to improve customer experience.

Currently, many companies are using social media as a channel to improve customer experience, especially in customer service and contact centers as channels for communicating with their customers. Customers not only need products or services at low prices but also need customer service and a satisfying experience so that they can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers need channels that can respond to their needs and constraints quickly and are also in accordance with the person of these customers, one of which is to use various kinds of social media. The following are strategies that can be used to improve customer experience using social media:

1. Understand Customer Expectations
Companies must be able to understand what the wants and needs of the customers are. In addition, companies must also be able to understand customer expectations of the products and services we provide them. That way, the company already has a good step in creating a quality customer experience by understanding and of course meeting the expectations of its customers.

2. Active and Responsive
Customers who provide comments or questions on corporate social media must be handled as soon as possible. The company must provide a special time every day in monitoring what customers and the public share and discuss about its products and services and respond wisely. Customers will feel cared for and will recommend companies that can provide services with fast response and solutions.

3. Increase Engagement Personally
The company must have an emotional closeness with its customers. The closer the company is to its customers, the easier it will be for the company to find out information about the needs of its customers so that it can make innovations related to product and service updates according to customer needs. In addition, by having emotional closeness, customers feel heard and cared for, thus creating good customer loyalty and also a good customer experience.

4. Personalize Responses
In serving customers, companies must have an effort to answer feedback that is done personally to provide engagement and appreciate the input and response from customers. Saying thanks or giving discounts to customers makes such interactions will increase a good customer experience and also create customer loyalty on social media in the long term.
Therefore, it is very important for companies and businesses to shift from using traditional channels to social media as a strategy to improve customer experience. Using social media as a means of serving customers as well as enhancing the overall customer buying experience is very important for companies in the future.

VADS Indonesia can assist your company in providing social media as a platform to improve customer experience in your company with various social media channels that match your company's market needs. Various advantages possessed by VADS Indonesia and our portfolio in handling several clients can be a consideration for you to use the services and services offered by VADS Indonesia. Other advantages are:

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