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Understanding what KOL is and its benefits with PT VADS Indonesia

27 April 2022

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Some of you must be familiar with the term KOL, but maybe there are also those who are wondering what KOL is. KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader. The use of KOL will really help you to improve your marketing because basically, KOL is needed when creating a marketing strategy.

Well, for those of you who are looking to set up a marketing strategy for your business or company, PT VADS Indonesia is here as a solution for you. PT VADS Indonesia is committed to helping your business by providing the best service that can improve business development. One of them is Digital Marketing services related to KOL. So that you understand better what KOL is, let's look at this article!

What does KOL mean?
As mentioned earlier, KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader. KOL can be individuals or organizations with trusted social status. That way, when KOL makes a recommendation for something, many people will believe it. So, KOL can certainly have a big influence on society.

Usually, the company will work with KOL to do product marketing. If the company uses KOL, the company's reputation will be increasingly recognized so that the opportunity for product sales will also increase.

Although KOL will be very beneficial for the company, you can't just choose KOL. You must be able to adjust the selection of KOL with the products you sell so that their opinions are more relevant. For example, if you sell food products, then you can use the services of a well-known chef to help your business.
KOL and influencer, what's the difference?

In addition to the term KOL, currently, the term influencer is also developing which can be used for marketing. However, it turns out that these two things have differences, especially since influencers have a dependency on social media. They get people's attention by using their social media. Meanwhile, KOL does not have to use social media to gain more public attention.

In addition, KOL also does not have to create content related to viral topics. They will stay focused on areas of work that are relevant to your company's products. Meanwhile, influencers are usually influenced by something viral to create a two-way interaction with the audience. In this way, engagement will increase.

The benefits of KOL in marketing strategy
Now, after understanding the difference between what a KOL is and an influencer, let's understand further what are the benefits of KOL for your company's marketing.

1. Increase audience reach
The first benefit that is seen when using KOL for marketing strategies is the wider audience reach. If you use KOL services, you can reach a potential audience and also match the business target market. As a result, you can also do marketing more efficiently and effectively because it is right on target.

2. Increase sales
The second benefit is the increase in the number of sales of your business. Because KOL's opinion is trusted by the public, it will be easier for them to buy the products you offer. Moreover, by using KOL, you can also increase brand awareness. Brand awareness is very important so that potential customers understand your company. If they already know your business, then they will be more confident to buy the product.

3. Relevant to the brand
The main point of using KOL for your marketing strategy is its relevance to the brand. As previously stated, the influence of KOL can also be maximized according to the products you offer to the public. If your product and KOL are related, then people will be more determined to choose your product.

4. Help maintain the good name of the brand
The last benefit of using KOL is to maintain the good name of your company brand. As already stated, KOL is not a random person. They have a good reputation in their field. Well, this good reputation will also have a positive impact on your company.

Based on the description above, now you know more about what KOL is and its benefits. Building a brand and increasing sales will be easier by using KOL services. For those of you who are interested in developing a business in this way, you can use Digital Marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia. With this service, you can form the right marketing campaign according to the target audience. Learn more about this service here!

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