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5 Digital Solutions from VADS Indonesia to Help Grow Your Business

04 February 2022

Image of 5 Digital Solutions from VADS Indonesia to Help Grow Your Business

PT VADS Indonesia is an outsourcing company that can help grow your business by introducing new solutions. Various digital solutions from VADS Indonesia can make it easier for businesses to provide the best service for customers. VADS Indonesia also guarantees the security of customers' data so that it can be relied upon as a solution for many companies. What digital solutions can you use to help grow your business? Here's the information!

1. Social Media Analytics
One of the digital solutions from VADS Indonesia to help grow your business is Social Media Analytics. This digital solution is an analytical method to see customer responses and opinions on a company's products or services on social media.

This solution is also able to measure the company's ongoing campaign by pulling data from all channels, both print and social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on according to company needs. The goal is to provide comprehensive reports on brand sentiment, competitor analysis, and customer insights. The main steps in doing Social Media Analytics are:

  • Analyze sentiment at the individual user level.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of brands.
  • Measuring the emotional level of customers.
  • Unlimited data selection.
  • Assign negative and positive keywords.
  • Measure customer sentiment from marketing campaigns.
  • Measuring the level of customer response to promotions within a certain period.

2. Digital Marketing
With digital marketing from VADS Indonesia, you can design and execute marketing campaigns through various digital channels. This solution helps companies improve various aspects of their business, such as awareness, sales, and customer loyalty.

Not only that, digital marketing services from VADS Indonesia can also help you to improve your brand position or reputation, increase conversion rates, increase business revenue, increase customer trust, expand business reach, to get real-time marketing results that can be tracked and measured. 

3. Social Media Care Management
Another digital solution from PT VADS Indonesia is Social Media Care Management, a customer support service through social media to create good relationships with them. With Social Media Care Management, your business can increase revenue, reduce customer service costs, get feedback about products and services, to support increasing public opinion about certain products.

VADS Indonesia provides a complete package to manage your business social media needs, including:

  • Develop ideas and campaigns through social media.
  • Creating good interactions with partner customers through a modern approach that is in line with the client's brand identity.
  • Manage business social media customer service with high-performance standards.

4. VADS Collaboration Tools
VADS Collaboration Tools can be a solution if you need office applications without having to invest in technology and facilities, namely through the Microsoft 365 platform. Various features contained in Microsoft 365 help and make it easier for your company to stay productive.

Microsoft 365 can be accessed anywhere because it uses cloud technology to help business activities run smoothly. Microsoft 365 also has features that keep your company running and productive, such as:

  • OneDrive for Business - Provides document storage features in the cloud with guaranteed security controls due to encryption.
  • SharePoint - A platform that can be used as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device, both internal and external to the organization.
  • Planner - Functions to plan team tasks online and integrates with calendar, email, and SharePoint accessed via shared devices.

5. Smart Outreach
Smart Outreach is a digital solution from VADS Indonesia that is useful for increasing efficiency, supporting modern implementation, and improving the quality of customer service. This intelligent and automated solution engine can be used to improve businesses that are empowered with NLP, AI, STT, and TTS technologies.

Smart Outreach was created to maximize productivity in managing interactions with customers. This solution is ideally used for three business aspects, namely sales and marketing, billing and billing due date reminders, and customer service in the form of FAQs and customer surveys.

That's information about digital solutions from VADS Indonesia to help grow your business. VADS Indonesia is ready to provide updated and flexible business solutions to improve your business, and help your company to transform into the digital era!

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