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10 Must-Have Call Center Skills

02 October 2020

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In this digital and fast-paced era, it is undeniable that the role of call center agents is important in every company as a strategy to improve business services to customers. Call center agents can be a contributor to revenue and brand image for the company because call centers are the front line of companies that communicate directly with customers and serve customers in order to obtain customer satisfaction. Therefore, call center agents must master certain skills to deal directly with customers. If the call center agent does not have this capability, he will risk losing customers because the service received by the customer is disappointing. A professional call center with mental attitude, knowledge, and skills in serving customers over the phone is needed in order to provide satisfactory service. Here are 10 skills a call center agent must have:

  1. Always Smile. As a call center agent, a smile is one of the most important services, because a smile means that the call center agent is ready to help and provide solutions to customers.
  2. Communication Skills. A call center agent must be good at communicating with his customers. Customers come because they need detailed information related to company products and services, so call center agents must be able to provide explanations that can be understood by customers so that customers can be interested in the company's products or services.
  3. Persuasion. Experienced call center agents must master persuasion skills or persuade potential customers to be interested and be increasingly convinced that the company's products and services are suitable for these customers so that customers will buy the company's products and services.
  4. Ability to Understand Customers. Call center agents are required to be able to understand several psychological conditions and principles of customer behavior and emotions. It is important for the personalization process to provide a good customer experience. So it is important to get to know customers because call center agents must not misread customer desires which will have fatal consequences.
  5. Time Management. Call center agents must be able to help customers, one of which is contacting at the right time. Call center agents must ensure that customers are not busy and help not to call too long because it takes up customer time. So it is important for call center agents to manage the exact time and duration needed to contact customers.
  6. Product Knowledge. Call center agents are required to know in-depth about the products and services sold by the company. Without knowing the products and services that the company sells, call center agents will not understand how to help customers when they are facing problems. In addition, call center agents must update their information and knowledge of the company's products and plans so that if there are new product developments and features, call center agents can provide the right information to customers.
  7. Good Listening Ability. A call center agent must have good listening skills. Poor listening ability will give a bad impression of the services provided by the company. Customers will feel annoyed when the call center agent asks to repeat what he said.
  8. Patience. Call center agents must have a patient nature, this is important to provide good and fast service. If a customer calls feeling annoyed or annoyed with a product or service from a company that doesn't satisfy the customer, the call center agent must be patient in dealing with the customer and still provide optimal service. Call center agents still have to respond with a cool head, wide heart, and awake tone of voice so that customers do not get more annoyed, then run away and move to a competing company.
  9. Fast Response. A call center agent must be responsive in responding to customer needs. They must be able to work fast without sacrificing service quality. Sometimes something unexpected becomes a problem experienced by the customer so that the call center agent must always be ready in any circumstances to solve the problem experienced by the customer.
  10. Multitasking. A call center agent must be able to work in an organized manner and must be able to handle multiple tasks while paying attention to what customers need. A call center agent must be able to listen to customer needs while recording questions or complaints from customers quickly, at the same time a call center agent must be able to find what data is needed and convey it to customers properly.

Apart from the above skills, a call center agent must also have a willingness to learn. Whatever you get, don't feel satisfied and have to keep learning. One way to learn to be better is to look in the mirror so that we can see changes in expression or facial expression when receiving customer complaints about the phone. So that it will be embedded in the soul that call center agents must be able to provide good service to company customers. In addition, a call center agent must also be flexible and creative in dealing with customers to provide solutions that can be applied to each customer who has different problems.

Do not forget to also provide peace to customers regarding the problems they are facing if they are not finished right away, call center agents must be able to provide the understanding and promise to immediately contact the customer to solve the problem because what the customer needs is that the problem experienced must be resolved immediately within the required time. fast.

VADS Indonesia provides the best call center agents because they are experienced and trained. VADS Indonesia also provides training from experienced and certified trainers in the call center world so that the call center agents provided by VADS Indonesia are ready to start working. In addition to meeting the skill criteria above, VADS Indonesia call center agents also have multi-language expertise according to your company's needs, such as English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Tagalog, and other languages. The education background of call center agents at VADS Indonesia is also tailored to the needs of your company and the company industry.

By using the services of VADS Indonesia, your company will get a quality call center agent according to your company's needs and be able to grow your business. Improve your business now with call center services, both fully outsourced and managed service. Contact for more complete information.

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