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Cloud or In House Server? Check Out the Differences and Benefits for Your Business!

24 February 2023

Image of Cloud or In House Server? Check Out the Differences and Benefits for Your Business!

Several decades ago, infrastructure was something that was expensive and difficult to use in business, while storage or storage in the business world has become an important part of increasing productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, the storage inventory investment is still relatively expensive, and many people think it is less efficient.

With the development of the times, technology companies are introducing an infrastructure called the cloud. This technology allows companies to purchase specific storage capacities without having to purchase hardware, software, and maintenance of storage systems.

Cloud has different services according to the needs of its users. Before using cloud technology, it would be better if you know the difference between using the cloud and traditional servers. The following are the differences:

1. Usage fee
You only pay cloud service fees based on the capacity used. With this system, you don't have to worry about spending too much money paying for services you don't use. Cloud services offer efficiencies that traditional hosting services certainly don't have. With traditional hosting services, fees charged or paid by users are usually charged per minute or per hour, depending on the policy of the hosting service provider.

2. Flexible
Cloud services are easier to use. With a cloud system, users can easily adjust the service capacity they want and need to meet user needs easily, efficiently, reliably, and flexibly anytime and anywhere.

3. Fully managed service
Thanks to the cloud system, efficiency can also be seen and felt in the operation and maintenance of infrastructure. Cloud technology does not require users to have their own servers and devices to store and process data or applications. This makes the work of cloud technology users easier because the maintenance of the services used is of course the responsibility of the cloud service provider.

4. Security
Basically, you can easily protect your data and control who has access to your company data. You can also set up multiple protection systems for your data. Typically, companies that store sensitive data, such as banks and government agencies, implement such systems. Company information stays safe in the cloud. In addition, the infrastructure can also be connected to the cloud.

Both traditional and cloud servers have their own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. However, many companies today are choosing cloud services over traditional servers. The most important reason is the flexibility and efficiency of information management. As a business owner, there's nothing wrong with subscribing to the cloud. Why? The following benefits can be obtained:

1. More Instant

You don't need to design the infrastructure from scratch because the cloud provider already provides all the functionality. Simply enable some cloud features or functions when you want to use them and disable them when you are done with them.

2. More Flexible

Cloud service providers offer storage services with different capacities. You are free to choose the amount of cloud capacity according to your business needs.

3. More Efficient Treatment

Unlike traditional servers, you don't have to worry about maintaining your cloud server even if you think about repair budgets. If something goes wrong, all you have to do is discuss the problem with your cloud service provider and let them fix it at no extra cost.

4. Increase Productivity

Even if your company has an IT team, you can save their labor by subscribing to the cloud. This is because the cloud provider is also responsible for overseeing the cloud operations and functions from network to data center to maintenance. So that your IT team can focus more on other work matters.

5. Cheaper

You only pay the cost of purchasing the cloud according to the capacity and period chosen and the value-added tax (VAT) that must be paid. The fee is charged only once until the end of the cloud subscription period.

These five benefits are enough to explain your company's reasons for subscribing to the cloud compared to traditional servers. No need to be confused about finding the best cloud provider because PT VADS Indonesia is ready to meet your cloud needs. Use VADS Cloud to quickly and securely back up and store your data. Immediately contact PT VADS Indonesia for further discussion and to try services from VADS Cloud.

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