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Good Emotional Intelligence Management for Contact Centers

19 February 2021

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Contact center customer service is one of the faces of your company. The contact center is the part that is responsible for maintaining the existing relationship between the company and the customer so that it can influence customer or public perceptions about the company. For example, if the problems experienced by customers are not handled with the advantages possessed by the company, the customer will feel uncomfortable so that his perception of the company will change as a whole and have an impact on their decision to leave the company's products or services. So that a contact center is needed as the face of the company because, in its operational reality, they often handle and also communicate with customers directly.

This pandemic has clearly shown that companies that care about their customers and provide excellence in customer service allow these companies to survive in the midst of this pandemic. Customers expect to get a fast response from the company and not only that, but the company must also find alternative solutions such as arranging calls or providing adequate staff when customers need such support. In this case, it cannot be denied that the role of contact center agents is very important in the company as a strategy to improve customer service to the company's customers. Apart from being at the forefront, contact center agents are also a brand image for the company so that contact center agents must master certain skills in dealing directly with customers, one of which is emotional management. If the contact center agent does not have this capability, it will risk losing customers because the service received by the customer is disappointing.

It takes a professional contact center agent with a good mental attitude, knowledge, and also skills in serving customers, especially by telephone in order to provide satisfactory service. Contact center agents must have good emotional management because, within a day, a contact center agent receives various phone calls from customers that not only need information, but also convey complaints with various emotions such as rushing, screaming, scolding, or even being upset. In this situation, of course, a good contact center agent must remain calm and professional in serving customers. This ability also includes how a contact center officer can still sound friendly in the midst of customers who keep asking to be served quickly so that as a contact center agent, he must be able to keep himself from being provoked too.

It takes a good listener to defuse potential problems so that the problems experienced by customers do not increase. Customers want to be understood and in this case, it takes a real feeling of empathy from the contact center staff to share a good customer experience. For example, when a customer is upset with a company or contact center agent because they made a mistake, it is very important for the contact center agent to patiently relieve the emotional tension of the relationship and of course solve the problems experienced by the customer. The contact center agent must be able to know when to move on to the next topic or when to return to the previous topic. The contact center agent must be able to ensure that the customer understands the information he provides so that the customer feels comfortable with the comments and explanations provided by the contact center agent.

By having good emotional management, contact center agents can provide solutions and provide the right information for customers. Some things that can be considered by contact center agents such as tone of voice, speaking carefully, and also the right speed of speech, and the use of the right language so as not to misunderstand the message received by the customer.

These various things are of course also taken into account by VADS Indonesia. VADS Indonesia provides the best contact center agents because they are experienced and trained. VADS Indonesia also provides training from experienced and certified trainers in the contact center world so that the contact center agents provided by VADS Indonesia are ready to start working. In addition to meeting the skill criteria according to your company's needs, VADS Indonesia's contact center agents also have multi-language expertise according to your company's needs such as English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Tagalog, and other languages. The educational background of contact center agents at VADS Indonesia is also tailored to the needs of your company and company industry.

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