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Get to know What is a Cloud-Based BPO Contact Center that Can Maximize WFH

11 April 2022

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BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, which provides various services, including a cloud-based contact center or cloud contact center. Cloud contact centers help businesses manage the customer experience via phone, email, text and social media, offering advanced functionality beyond incoming and outgoing calls.
As businesses add more support channels, cloud contact centers can be a solution that helps businesses keep up with customer demands and optimize productivity, including maximizing work from home or WFH. How to? Here's the information.

What is a cloud-based contact center?
A contact center is a facility that handles contact with customers. Unlike the call center which only handles phone calls, the contact center handles communication through several channels. Relying on the right contact center BPO is critical to business success in dealing with customers. Sales or support calls that are not handled properly can result in lost revenue and damage to the company's reputation.

Instead of a regular contact center, you can use a cloud contact center, an internet-based facility that handles all customer communication needs for business. This facility is suitable for large companies that need multiple communication channels (including phone calls and messages), agent management, and analytics.

How do cloud contact centers work?
The cloud contact center provides incoming and outgoing voice, text, social media, and video communications over a high-speed internet connection. The BPO contact center handles all technical setup, equipment and server maintenance. So you don't have to buy, install and maintain telecommunications hardware.

Phone calls at the cloud contact center are made using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Once you connect the cloud contact center software to other channels, such as social media or email, everything will work automatically. Each interaction is tied to an account and assigned to the appropriate agent to avoid conflicts.

The cloud contact center also synchronizes data with business CRM (customer relationship management) software so that all agents don't miss updates. Working entirely over the internet, a cloud contact center means businesses only need to provide a workstation, headset, and internet connection. When agents sign in, they can receive calls, emails, or chat messages. So, businesses can interact with customers consistently across multiple contact methods.

4 Uses of cloud contact center
It is not without reason that the presence of a cloud-based BPO contact center can maximize WFH. As mentioned above, BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. Providing outsourced services, here are some of the uses of BPO cloud contact center:

1. Can develop business
Cloud contact centers include a global infrastructure for business communications, so you can enter the market without building, deploying, and maintaining complex services yourself. This approach gives the advantage of growing the business easily. By using a BPO contact center, you can expand your deployment needs on demand, without the additional time or expense of upgrading hardware.

2. Flexible
Now, many companies are implementing the WFH system. You can use a cloud contact center to provide the highest flexibility businesses need. With a BPO contact center, everyone can stay connected no matter where they are, including call center supervisors and directors who can follow the team wherever they work.
Cloud contact center can work on various devices and operating systems. Real-time reporting is also available to provide greater transparency on productivity and customer experience. At WFH, overall security is critical to customer and employee privacy. Cloud contact centers are audited regularly to avoid unwanted data breaches.

3. Cloud technology that is safer from risk
There are many reasons why cloud technologies tend to be safer from risk, one of which is that cloud providers invest heavily in security innovations. Most cloud providers have built their entire business on cloud platforms. This means that cloud providers not only provide customers with a hosting environment for workloads, but also protect infrastructure and cloud services as the first priority.

4. Improve customer experience
The main purpose of using a BPO contact center is to solve problems for customers. If you want to make it easier for customers to contact business agents and maintain lasting customer relationships, you need a cloud contact center that contributes greatly to the ease and smoothness of the customer experience.

The way it works is easy and fast in maximizing customer service, making the BPO contact center worthy of your consideration. You can get a cloud-based contact center service from PT VADS Indonesia, a BPO that many companies rely on. The many benefits provided by the cloud contact center service from PT VADS Indonesia make WFH activities smoother and profitable for your company.

By now, you know that BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. A cloud-based contact center is one of the services offered by BPOs such as PT VADS Indonesia. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact to find out more about how to improve customer service at your company. PT VADS Indonesia is ready to provide complete information on other customer services to help your company's various needs. May be useful!

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