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Why is PT VADS Indonesia's Blockchain Secure Authentication Safer?

13 April 2022

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Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) is a database that is shared across computer networks. The function of using this technology is to protect data against manipulation. BSA provides a passwordless authentication solution based on blockchain verification technology to verify users and their phones. To make digital transactions more secure, you can use BSA from PT VADS Indonesia which offers several advantages. Here's the full review!

Benefits of Blockchain Secure Authentication
Blockchain Secure Authentication is a solution that provides strong and trusted authentication services for websites, mobile logins, and secure online access that you can get from PT VADS Indonesia. The benefits of using Blockchain Secure Authentication technology are many, including:

Secure - If you use Blockchain Secure Authentication, you can ensure authentication security with hack prevention. Now, data hacking is very easy to do because of many factors, ranging from the more frequent use of smartphones, the online era, to the hobby of sharing on social media. By using Blockchain Secure Authentication, you can increase the level of security which is very useful for every user.

Can login without password - Blockchain Secure Authentication only uses One Time Security Key (OTSK) based on a number of information from the device used. That way, you can then log in without entering a password.

Minimize costs - PT VADS Indonesia manages security, convenience, and fast programs with easy logins to minimize costs. You can safely protect digital transactions in an efficient and secure way without the need to incur large costs. Blockchain Secure Authentication offers optimal reliability to save costs.

Using a cryptographic fingerprint system
If you want to increase the level of business security, you can use Blockchain Secure Authentication with a cryptographic fingerprint system that can only be accessed through fingerprint authentication. Cryptographic fingerprinting is a tool that can help keep user data secure and protect phones from malicious software. By encrypting the data inside the app, it will be more difficult for anyone to access it without the user's permission. Here's an example case:

Simplest use - Encrypts personal digital files (eg photos or documents) within the app and decrypts them only when needed. Thus, no one will be able to identify the contents of this file without decrypting it first, even if it gains access to the phone itself.

More complex use cases - Using asymmetric cryptographic keys stored in applications that support financial transactions. This is to ensure authentic signatures for contracts or legal documents.

Consensus protocol to secure business transactions
Blockchain Secure Authentication provides a consensus protocol that is used to validate transactions. To validate a transaction, it takes "agreement" aka consensus from every user connected to the network. The consensus can be used to approve or reject transactions that will be recorded in the blockchain.

No need to remember login password
By using Blockchain Secure Authentication, you no longer need to bother remembering login passwords. This new innovation which aims to make it easier for customers but still offers a tight security system provides distributed security random checks, is passwordless, and encrypted data, so that users do not need to remember the login password.

Remove the one time password fee sent via SMS
Apart from not requiring you to remember your login password, Blockchain Secure Authentication also provides efficiency because it eliminates the cost of One Time Passwords sent via SMS. Blockchain Secure Authentication can be a flexible and updated business solution to improve business and help companies transform into the digital era.

By using Blockchain Secure Authentication from PT VADS Indonesia, you can avoid cases of burglary or data hacking. The security provided by Blockchain Secure Authentication reduces the level of cybercrimes such as hacking and fraud.

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