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17 VADS Indonesia Employees Successfully Pass COPC HPMT Certification

14 July 2020

Image of 17 VADS Indonesia Employees Successfully Pass COPC HPMT Certification

Along with the increasing number of customers and a variety of services, VADS Indonesia also continues to improve the quality of customer service. In line with this, VADS Indonesia successfully participated in the COPC HPMT training and certification to increase knowledge about contact centers for selected Heads and Operations Managers of several Projects on June 23-26, 2020.

This training focuses on providing education in the contact center industry ranging from operations to supporting these operations so that it is expected to improve the performance of operations and be able to provide better and quality services to customers. Overall training and certification are held in a virtual format, using the Zoom application to interact with trainers from COPC in Kuala Lumpur. The training and certification were attended by a total of 17 Head and Operations Managers of VADS Indonesia with details of 9 participants from the Jakarta site and 8 sites from Yogyakarta, along with a list of employees who successfully passed the COPC HPMT certification:

  1. Lisa Parlina
  2. Yohanes Wisnu
  3. Cokorda Gede A
  4. Hafyid Priangga
  5. Hendra Lesmana
  6. Ferri Apriandi
  7. Lukman Nul Hakim
  8. W Reyza
  9. Susanti
  10. Komarusitta
  11. Ganies
  12. Dian Ratna Furi
  13. Bayu Istiaji
  14. Eko Sudarmo
  15. Nur Falaq Isbah
  16. Azwar
  17. Faruk Ali Roni

COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) is a training consulting company that has its headquarters in Winter Park, Florida specializing in customer experience transformation. COPC provides consultation, training, and certification. One of them is COPC certification. COPC certification is the most prestigious recognition in the customer experience operational industry. The COPC certification process is with an independent and objective assessment of the contact center's operational performance. Certification by COPC will validate the company's commitment to providing the best service to its customers. By obtaining COPC certification, customers can be assured of the company that the company uses consistent processes and best work practices to encourage and maintain improvements in the areas of leadership, human resource management, processes, and performance, especially in the field of contact centers. Already more than 500 companies in 56 countries have received COPC certification since 1996. One of the COPC certifications is for COPC HPMT (High Performance Management Techniques).

COPM HPMT training and certification is a multi-day training that covers all operational areas and contact center management processes with good performance. The training included analyzing transaction and performance data for all contact channels such as voice, chat, and email, looking at customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors, seeing the importance of implementing and simplifying the system according to needs, seeing quality and accuracy in understanding customer and business differences and manage teams for service, quality, cost, productivity, and efficiency. This training was also conducted to improve performance and also improve ROI for service, quality, customer satisfaction, revenue, costs, productivity, and efficiency. The training was provided by expert facilitators who had an average of 15 years of experience in the contact center operations.

VADS Indonesia continues to improve operational performance in the field of contact centers. Of course, in addition to improving service for customers, it can provide insight to employees who are also one of VADS Indonesia's priorities.

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