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Create Attractive Content Marketing with PT VADS Indonesia, Here's How!

22 April 2022

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Nowadays, creating the right and interesting content is very important to grab the attention of the audience. By implementing the right content marketing strategy, it will be easier for your brand to reach your target marketing. Apart from that, creating the right content can also help you create the right persona or branding.
Unfortunately, not all companies or brands can produce interesting content. As a result, they also have difficulty reaching the target market. It turns out that to be able to create good content, it can't be arbitrary, you have to understand content marketing strategies and how to implement them. How to? The PT VADS Indonesia team has compiled a number of tips for you!

1. Confirm the purpose of the content
The first step that must be done, of course, is to determine the purpose of the content. You have to know who the content is created for and what their preferences are. Even though it sounds trivial, there are still many brands that find it difficult to target content goals correctly.

One way that you can apply to find out the purpose of content is to do research. Through research, you can find out what topics are being talked about a lot. There are many types of research that can be done, the most widely used example is keyword research. Through keyword research, you can find out which keywords have the most search volume in search engines.

2. Understand the target audience
So that the content you create is more targeted, understand the target audience. Say you want to target the young women segment, then the content as much as possible should contain elements that are close to them. For example, using slang and aesthetic graphics. The more detailed the audience elements attached to the content, the better.

Without knowing the target audience, the content you create will feel less relevant. If the content is irrelevant, the audience will be reluctant to engage. Content will also be difficult to get engagement such as giving likes, leaving comments, and even they tend to ignore the content.

3. Plan quality content
The next content marketing tip is to design content planning carefully so that the results are quality. Quality content will more easily get a high engagement value. However, actually, what does quality content look like?
There are many ways to define quality content. Often, quality is associated with the benefits that can be felt by the audience. Content will be considered quality if it can provide benefits or a positive impact on the audience. This can be related to the functionality of your own product. Suppose your product presents technological innovations that are not yet familiar to the audience, then you can create product tutorial content to help the audience get to know the product.

4. Package content attractively
To find out what content is interesting, try to find out what is trending. You can check trending topics on social media or use a tool like Google Trends to find out what the trend is. Including things that are trending or talked about a lot will get your content to get more attention from the audience.

There is nothing wrong with observing the content marketing strategies applied by competitors. From there, you can find out what their weaknesses are that can be turned into opportunities. Comparative content like this also easily grabs the attention of the audience.

5. Promote content on social media
The last part of a content marketing strategy is promotion. Without promotion, it is impossible for your content to be known to the public. The most efficient way to promote content is through social media. Besides being easy, promotion through social media is also very affordable.

To be more optimal, content promotion must be done consistently. You can use the tool to schedule the showtime of content on social media. That way, content exposure will tend to be stable.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, actually, content marketing strategy is still very broad. Examples of its application are very varied. To help you implement content marketing optimally, PT VADS Indonesia presents Social Media Care Management services.

Social media is an important component in content marketing. For this reason, its management should not be arbitrary. Through Social Media Care Management, PT VADS Indonesia is ready to help you from planning campaigns on social media to managing customer service to achieve the best performance. For more information, please click here!

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