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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence that You Must Know

25 March 2022

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Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is intelligence that is included in a system that can be managed. This is usually related to programming computer systems so that an application can receive instructions or do something according to the instructions given. Its main purpose is to facilitate human activities. For example, a supermarket robot that can talk and provide services like real humans.

However, artificial intelligence is not perfect. Behind all the advantages, there are also disadvantages that can cause losses, even threats. Everything has risks, and so does the use of artificial intelligence. What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence? Check out the following explanation!

Advantages of artificial intelligence
As previously explained, artificial intelligence exists to help humans. Here are some of the advantages that you can get when using artificial intelligence.

Reduce the risk of human error
Artificial intelligence has much less risk of error than humans. If humans are prone to make mistakes, artificial intelligence that lies in machines has almost no errors because machines will always produce the same product every time.

Available all the time
Another plus is that the productivity of machines with artificial intelligence will not stop. Unlike humans who need time off, machines don't feel tired. Machines can be used with fewer breaks, some even without pauses. That way, the production can be more than using human power.

Make decisions faster
The power and performance of machines tend to be better than humans. Machines can process large amounts of data with faster results. The artificial intelligence built into the machine can consider many factors and help its users to make accurate decisions.

Have no risk
Machines that have artificial intelligence in them are widely used by various industries. These machines can replace humans, especially in high-risk tasks such as coal mines, oil refineries, sewage, nuclear power plants, and other hazardous jobs. In this way, the deadly risk is no longer a threat to humans.

Help daily life
Artificial intelligence at this time has a big role in people's daily lives. Not only in industry, but even in human daily activities, but machines also have artificial intelligence. You can find uses for artificial intelligence in Google's Voice, Siri, and more.

Lack of artificial intelligence
Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence is very important to help you do careful consideration before using it. Behind the advantages it has, machines with artificial intelligence still have some disadvantages. Following are the disadvantages of machines that implement artificial intelligence.

1. It costs a lot
In reality, artificial intelligence machines use concepts such as artificial neural networks that require powerful hardware. Do not forget the computing power that must be perfect to process information. To fulfill that, it takes a lot of money for maintenance and repairs.

2. Can increase unemployment
Another drawback of artificial intelligence is the risk of increasing unemployment. The number of jobs that can be replaced by machines with artificial intelligence makes job vacancies for humans decrease. That way, more and more unemployed from time to time because of the job positions that can be replaced by these machines.

3. Box thinking
However, artificial intelligence implemented in machines cannot completely replace humans. Machines can only do the tasks they are programmed to do. If you use the machine for things beyond its limits, the risk of failure becomes even greater.

4. Have no emotions
The next drawback of machines with artificial intelligence is that they don't have emotions like humans. This means that machines cannot develop bonds with humans or other machines when it comes to solving a problem, so there is no team management in using machines with artificial intelligence.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence which is now replacing humans in many companies. As smart as robots are, they don't have the emotional attachments and feelings of humans. Thus, machines that use artificial intelligence on average can only do things according to the commands that have been programmed into them.

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