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The Importance of Having Good Customer Service Capability for Company Progress

22 October 2021

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The importance of having customer service skills is the same as the importance of profit for the company. Good customer service supports the company's progress by retaining existing customers and solving problems faced by customers.

Many brands like Amazon, Apple, Disney, or Starbucks are better known for the way they treat their customers than what they sell. So, customer service plays a very important role in business progress. Let's look at the information about the importance of having the following customer service skills!

Identify problems experienced by customers
Customers who are dissatisfied with your business services are usually less likely to return. A single customer bad experience spreads much faster than a positive experience, so it's important for businesses to have good customer service skills.

If you want to drive your company forward, you need to be able to identify the problems your customers are experiencing. There are many ways to identify the problem apart from receiving a direct complaint, either by asking the customer or checking the feedback provided.

By identifying the problem correctly, you will be able to help customers provide the solutions they need. Customers who are satisfied with customer service because the problem is solved properly will make them loyal so that they contribute greatly to the progress of your business.

Educate customers about the product
Good customer serviceability is also important because it can help educate customers about the products offered. Educating customers about products is an important part of marketing, especially for innovative or new products in the market. Through education, customers become more familiar and familiar with your business.

Customer education ensures that customers understand the benefits and value of your business products based on an understanding of real needs. Customer education also enhances the product experience which helps increase engagement. High levels of engagement make customers more likely to renew or repurchase your product.

Become the company's brand image
Brand image is the customer's perception of your brand based on their interactions. The company's brand image may change from time to time and does not necessarily relate to customers who make purchases or use your products and services. For example, even if you are not an iPhone user, you may have a positive view of the Apple brand.

You must be able to build a positive brand image because a negative brand image can lead to business failure. More than 50% of businesses fail within five years, mainly due to the reputation of the business not being handled properly. Invest in brand image management, one of which is having good customer service skills. Customer service reflects the company's values ​​so it is important to prioritize.

Maintain customer trust in your business
Having good customer service skills also includes maintaining customer trust in your business. Most customers admit that they will gladly recommend a brand to others if they have confidence in the brand. Not only does it help generate positive word of mouth, but trust also creates customer loyalty which helps your business thrive. This is because returning customers will usually spend more than new customers.

Customer trust and loyalty go hand in hand and both are important factors in the company's progress and the long-term success of a brand. There are many ways to build customer trust and loyalty, one of which is by treating customer service like a friendship.

Like most relationships, friendships take time and are built on trust and respect. So, business relationships with customers should not be much different. By treating your customers like friends, you can build a strong foundation of trust with your customers, which will give them a reason to stay loyal to your business.
Accommodating suggestions and criticisms from customers.

Many business owners just want to see positive reviews and comments about their business. However, the truth is, you will still get negative feedback no matter how hard you try to please your customers.
Negative reviews about a business can be painful, both emotionally and financially. However, the ability to accommodate suggestions and criticisms from customers is very crucial for the progress of the company because it can be used as evaluation material to develop the business.

Through good customer service capabilities, your business will be able to constructively accommodate suggestions and criticisms from customers for future business improvements. Leveraging customer feedback can help you manage customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve your business products and services.

The various points above prove that the ability of good customer service can have a positive effect on the progress of the company. That's why it's time for you to start investing to improve the performance of the customer service team. Equip them with work support tools such as special customer service software provided by VADS Indonesia.

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