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Artificial Intelligence for Business

13 November 2020

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The rapid development of technology and increasing business competition means that companies must be able to have innovations that are different from their competitors and can provide the right needs for their customers. Companies must be able to take advantage of developing technology to innovate to create services and products that can satisfy their customers. One of them is by utilizing artificial intelligence technology or artificial intelligence. AI technology already has a significant impact in all areas of our lives, one of which is in the business sector.

Artificial Intelligence or commonly referred to as AI has become a necessity in the current era. AI is a simulation of human intelligence in a machine programmed to think and act like humans. In this case, AI learns to solve problems through something that has been programmed beforehand.

Without realizing it, AI has been embedded in our daily lives, for example on the website pages that we visit which have the impression of reminding us what we were looking for beforehand so that it is as if a computer or the internet can understand what we want. This is an example of the application of AI that can be used in the business world. AI can be utilized by businesses with the right, effective, and efficient purpose.

AI can be used to solve challenges that companies have at scale. AI will change the business ecosystem and the relationship between companies and customers due to automation, for example by robots or machine learning. The various benefits of AI that can be used in the business world include:

1. Promotion is more effective
AI technology can help companies determine more effective promotional strategies because they can access data to explore customer desires through keywords used in searches, user profiles, and other data so that they can carry out effective and cost-effective promotions.

2. Search technology that makes it easier
AI technology can help customers search for what they want so they can focus more on the subjects they are most interested in so as to help customers quickly make decisions and make it easier for businesses to get closer to customers.

3. Get closer to the customer
AI technology can help companies get to know their customers better. Through AI, data about customer behavior, tastes, lifestyles can be analyzed into data and create patterns and trends from whatever customers want so that AI will provide options that appear according to the recommendations of the wishes of the customers. It can also be used by businesses to have data on customer needs so that they can create products and services according to what customers want.

The use of AI can make it easier for companies to carry out various activities that require time and resources. The use of AI also makes it easier for businesses to design products and services needed by customers. The use of AI is not only related to product sales but how a business can listen to the needs of its main customers, has an empathetic nature towards customer wants and needs, and how the company can serve its customers well, so as to maximize the use of AI.

VADS Indonesia can assist your company in using Artificial Intelligence technology in improving and efficiency of your business. By using Artificial Intelligence technology, your business will be more effective with an economical budget and tailored to the business needs of your company. VADS Indonesia has more than 11 years of experience in the contact center industry and the technical support used. VADS Indonesia currently serves more than 50 clients, most of whom are market leaders from various existing industries. Various advantages possessed by VADS Indonesia include:

- Has ISO 27001: 2013 certification
- Have IT Support ready to serve 24/7
- Has 3 different sites in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang
- Having end-to-end solutions to meet your company's needs

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