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What is Voicebot?

04 December 2020

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Today's technological advances are growing very rapidly and affect our way of life differently. Based on this, today's customers are also very demanding and require fast and personal service to meet their needs and answer the required questions. For that, the company must provide the best service to maintain and improve its business so that it is not abandoned by its customers.

Customers are often irritated by lengthy IVR systems and often fail to provide directions and provide targeted contacts. Based on research listed on the Genesys website in 2018, it was noted that 83% of customers will avoid the intended company after experiencing a bad experience with IVR. Meanwhile, updating the IVR system takes a long time and is also expensive. One solution that can be used to deal with this problem is to use a voice bot.

Understanding Voicebot

Voicebot is an artificial intelligence-powered software that helps callers communicate like an interactive voice system (IVR) that can respond naturally. Callers or customers do not need to listen to the menu and press buttons on the keypad in accordance with the direction of the IVR, but customers talk directly to the IVR in a simple systemized call simulation with direct operators.

Voicebot uses recorded and text-to-speech responses to answer customer questions. Voicebot's job is to help direct what the customer wants in an effective response by using machine learning to increase his capacity and also to improve service to customers. Examples of popular voice bots include Amazon Poly, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, IBM Watson, and also Google Assistant.

Benefits of Voicebot

The use of voice bot continues to increase, especially its accuracy, and more services are added to meet customer needs. Voicebot has Speech to Text (STT) and Text to Speech (TTS) technology. Voicebot can also be used for Voice Assistant, Outbound Reminder, News Reading, IOT Voice Technology, and Voice E-books. Selin the benefits of using voice bot including:

1. Real-time
Voicebot will process the speech as soon as the customer starts talking over the phone. Voicebot also prepares instant responses and responses as soon as the customer stops talking, which helps with fast times and reduces lags that are too long.

2. Efficiency
Voicebot will respond according to what customers say so that customers are more satisfied because their voices are heard. Customers need reminders, transactions, appointments, and more that are done with ordinary human interaction. By using Voicebot, this is easy to do and increases efficiency in terms of process and budget.

3. Improve operations
Voicebot can help customer service improve operations by handling multiple customers and operating without limits. Voicebot can help businesses save money while improving their company's customer service and being able to handle all customer inquiries.

4. 24/7
Voicebot can help customers respond as quickly as possible and is also available 24/7. So that by using Voicebot, companies can be assisted in serving customers responsively and whenever the customer contacts the company.

5. Data integration
By using voice bot, companies will get information easily and it is also integrated with all databases and systems owned by the company so that each customer's customer journey can be seen. This can be used by companies to see trends and data related to customer needs so that the company can provide products and services according to the needs of its customers.

In some cases, voice bot will be a big thing in customer service because of its easy use, responsiveness, and also personalization. Voicebot will be a customer service support tool that companies are in high demand for. VADS Indonesia can help your company to implement voice bot as a feature to improve your customer service. Contact for consultation and product demos to find out more about the use of voice bot to improve your company's customer experience.

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