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What is Outbound Contact Center Automation? These are 4 Types!

31 January 2023

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There are lots of sales channels that can be explored to improve your business performance. Maybe you are now using social media, search engines, email, or some other traditional marketing techniques to increase orders. However, did you know that there is one other channel that you can use, namely through direct calls?

The good news is that direct calls to customers can be made automatically through outbound contact center automation. First time hearing it? Check out the full explanation of the definitions and types of outbound contact center automation below!

What is outbound contact center automation?

Services in a company ideally consist of pre-sales, sales, and after-sales. It must be provided with maximum quality and sustainability. One of the most effective ways to do this is to maintain relationships with potential and past buyers.

A company has several options to do this, from giving special discounts to new and old customers, providing informative content, and also contacting them personally by direct telephone.

So, the activity of calling potential customers and buyers in the past is the definition of an outbound contact center. As technology develops, these practices can be automated so that the term outbound contact center automation appears. The goal that can be achieved from these activities is not only to increase sales but there are also several other benefits that you can get as follows.

Benefits of outbound contact center automation

Maintaining good relations with customers is a vital thing that must be done by all companies. By having a loyal customer base, you don't need to spend a high budget to generate income. That is why outbound contact center automation activities must be carried out proactively because they can provide a number of benefits as follows:

  • Become an effective marketing channel;
  • Increase customer satisfaction;
  • Creating new customers;
  • Increase sales;
  • Creating a loyal customer base, and much more.

4 Types of outbound contact center automation

So that you can prepare the right position to fill the company's outbound contact center automation activities, first know the following types.

Telemarketing or telesales

The first type you need to know is telemarketing. If your company needs a direct telephone marketing strategy for potential customers, then telemarketing is the answer. Calls are usually made in the form of outbound that we most commonly receive. In a call, a contact center agent who serves as a telemarketer will invite potential customers to take an action, whether it's buying a product or registering for a program. Usually, to carry out this activity, a special script is needed so that the recipient of the call can be interested in the offer.


If telemarketing aims to generate sales, the task of the telereminder is more to maintain the company's performance. For example, your company is engaged in finance and lends some capital to customers. Now, to remind bills, due dates, and alternative solutions, a telereminder can do it. Of course, this activity can generate various benefits, ranging from helping customer problems, reducing bad loans, increasing customer satisfaction, and many more.


Still suitable for the financial industry, ideally a professional telecollection can help you manage receivables from other parties. This position requires contact center agents to be able to understand customer behavior, follow up on customer complaints with various strategies, to escalate legal escalation if necessary. Through telecollection, it is hoped that your company will be able to receive receivables payments in a timely manner, increase cash collections, and prevent fraud in approved receivables contracts.


Increasing business revenue will be a difficult thing to do if your customer satisfaction is not optimal. On the one hand, the cost of acquiring new customers also requires a large budget. Therefore, the solution to overcome this is to maintain the customer loyalty that you have. Well, this teleretention is in charge of maintaining customer loyalty. Through various attractive offers and qualified services, a teleretention professional must be able to ensure that customers have high loyalty to your product.

Those are some types of outbound contact center automation that you can apply to the business you are working on. order all the process can be done practically, take advantage of outbound contact center automation technology from PT VADS Indonesia.

The outbound contact center automation system from VADS Indonesia has been certified by the Information Technology Infrastructure Methodology (ITIL) and tested for more than a decade to handle various types of companies. Want to try it yourself for your business? Call VADS right now!

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