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Using Business Process Outsourcing to Manage Corporate Social Media

30 March 2022

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Today's business people cannot be separated from social media in offering their products or services. Apart from the fact that social media has become a platform that is widely used by people all over the world, now social media also has special features for business people, for example providing catalogs, connecting links to websites, shopping pages, and others. These features can be found on several social media, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, to Tiktok.

To attract the attention of customers, business people compete to offer their products or services with interesting content. Business people then use third-party services to optimally manage business social media. This is where business process outsourcing comes into play. Indeed, what is business process outsourcing? Check out the following explanation to find out the answer!

What is business process outsourcing?
Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an activity carried out by a third party in the form of outsourcing several business processes and functions of a company. Some of the affairs or work of the company can be taken over by the BPO according to interests and agreements. One of the leading BPOs in Indonesia to handle social media analysis and the like is PT VADS Indonesia.

Benefits of using BPO
BPO really helps companies in managing and optimizing a job. Companies that use BPO can increase business productivity because some of their responsibilities have been delegated to providers of business process outsourcing. That way, the company has more time to develop its business.

The presence of BPO as a third party also helps the company's efficiency and can save expenses. The reason is, BPO contains experts in their fields who can improve the quality of service to customers. In addition, BPO has also used more modern technology, so that the resulting performance is getting better and in accordance with today's business trends.

The importance of managing social media to grow your business
When running a business in the digital era, you are not only required to improve product quality, but also manage social media. Here are some reasons why you need good social media management.

1. Make it easier to recognize consumers
For a business to thrive, you need to know your customers well. With social media, business people and consumers can interact directly and communicate more closely through the features provided.
The existence of social media analytics also makes it easier for business people to categorize consumers and target them according to targets, such as determining age, gender, to consumer preferences. With this detailed data, the branding and promotion process will be delivered on target.

2. Get immediate feedback
Because there are closer communication facilities, social media helps businesses to get direct feedback from customers. Consumers can provide their opinions and reviews regarding the products or services purchased, ranging from positive to negative reviews.

Consumers can also directly provide criticism, suggestions, or questions to business people. The ease of direct interaction is certainly easier and beneficial for both parties. That way, business actors can continue to improve and improve their business.

3. Increase organic visibility
Share button features and algorithms on social media can make the content of businesspeople spread optimally. Social media users can also be directed to the company's official website, so they can see the various products provided by the company. This can also increase product sales figures.
Content on social media that is visited a lot can enter the top rankings of search engines. This of course also benefits the company because the potential to reach consumers will be greater and more numerous.

4. Information is shared faster
The features provided on social media can make it easier for users to share content with just one click. This can be done by various social media platforms, for example, the share button on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. In addition, there is also retweet and like buttons on Twitter that can make it easier to spread information.

That way, business information or content can be spread quickly and widely. This is certainly an advantage of social media as a means of promotion in the digital era. These advantages cannot be obtained if you do not use social media and only run a conventional business.

5. Make partnership easy
The large number of social media users is an opportunity for business people to form partnerships, both with individuals and groups. Currently, many business companies have partnered with influencers to get more massive promotions. This is because followers of the influencer account will be directed to companies that partner with them.

Business people can also see the situation and conditions. For example, at certain moments as National Education Day approaches, the company collaborates with a number of education figures. Then, on other occasions, they can also collaborate with business figures.

Business process outsourcing is a third party that can help optimize your company's social media. Currently, doing business is not enough just to improve product quality, but also must manage social media to facilitate promotional activities.

If you want to get optimal management services for your business's social media, BPO can be the solution. Use social media analytics services from one of the well-known and trusted BPO, PT VADS Indonesia, by contacting email

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