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7 Benefits of the Cloud to Optimize Your Business

22 February 2023

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We often hear the terms cloud, cloud computing, cloud systems, cloud-based platforms, and also about other clouds. What exactly is meant by the cloud? In the world of the internet, the cloud refers to a grouping of several servers that have locations in many places.

Like building a house, building a cloud-based storage system requires infrastructure. The infrastructure is built with several integrated cloud computing components. Cloud-based storage systems cannot function without cloud computing components. Currently, many businesses use cloud computing because the business is getting bigger and growing so the amount of data that will be produced and processed will also increase. Cloud computing is what makes it easier for businesses to access large amounts of data so that it can be used for profit purposes. Interested in knowing more about cloud computing? Check out the following information!

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of various computing services, including servers, software, data storage, databases, networking, and analytics, via the Internet (cloud). Many companies have used cloud computing to increase productivity and achieve large storage capacities without having to pay more for hardware, software, or system maintenance.

Cloud computing differs from traditional servers, which require companies to spend a lot of money to buy servers, and routers and hire staff to maintain storage space and infrastructure. Some examples of types of cloud services are:

1. Public Cloud - use of cloud services intended for public use only;

2. Private Cloud – This service provides infrastructure management and operation only to certain customers who are typically large and have the resources to own their own cloud.

3. Community Cloud - Used jointly by a number of organizations that have interests and need the same level of security.

4. Hybrid Cloud - Even though a hybrid cloud is an independent entity, it uses technologies that enable data portability and connectivity between applications;

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

Cloud computing has many benefits for companies including:

1. Simplifying Infrastructure

Information systems and business data require good management or control of information technology infrastructure, but with the use of cloud computing, companies no longer need to worry about this. Since cloud service providers offer services related to infrastructure management, companies only need to deploy their own cloud services.

2. Reducing Risk

In this case, companies need to be selective about cloud services that can really be trusted. Utilizing the facilities of a reliable cloud service provider helps businesses reduce the risk of data loss and server maintenance risks. For example, when a company's IT technician changes jobs, it automatically affects application maintenance. The solution offered by cloud computing is to reduce the level of risk, all needs are fully available on the cloud server and everything is integrated.

3. Cost Efficiency

An application or data storage requires a special device that can serve several needs at once. Therefore, server computers are needed for this purpose, and server computers are relatively more expensive to users than ordinary computers. In addition, there are server and application maintenance costs. By using cloud services exclusively, companies can save on these relatively high costs.

4. Information Security

Cloud services have information security that is relatively more secure because cloud services have anticipated information security problems. So users of this system no longer need to worry about storing all company information in one place that can be accessed from anywhere. Cloud computing equipped with a strong information security system in the form of data encryption ensures that information security is maintained. A solid security system makes it difficult for hackers to break into cloud databases, which ensures data security.

5. Easier Access

Cloud services have a system that allows users to easily access various information stored in the system. Users can access any information anytime, anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. In addition, cloud services make everyday activities easier thanks to virtual storage. Therefore, cloud computing supports business processes that run faster and are more productive

6. Unlimited Storage Space

The storage capacity of cloud services is relatively larger, even unlimited. These advantages make cloud computing a solution for the storage needs of many businesses. This is because cloud computing does not require hardware to store data.

7. Collaboration Made Easier

Cloud services also offer convenience in collaborating. Cloud computing systems can facilitate collaboration between personnel because each team member can view transferring and sharing of data across all cloud-based platforms.

In today's digital era, cloud services have become a business need thanks to faster and wider internet access. However, if you are confused about choosing a cloud service provider that is reliable and can commit to protecting your important data 24/7, PT VADS Indonesia is the most appropriate solution. The VADS Cloud service is supported by an experienced team 24/7, so they will always be ready to help you when needed. VADS Cloud offers a cloud server for all your business needs. Contact us at if you want advice on the cloud services you need.

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