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Understanding What is Social Media Analytics and Its Uses

02 March 2023

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Social media has become a means of communication with customers while knowing where their interests are going. However, you need a tool to understand the data that appears, namely social media analytics. What is social media analytics and why should businesses rely on it? Check out the full explanation below!

Definition of social media analytics
As explained briefly above, social media analytics is a tool that works to make it easier for companies to find out how their company looks on social media. That is, with this tool, your company will know which data is related and important to process.

How important is social media analytics?
Because now everything is digital, of course, social media analytics has a fairly important role for the company. The reason is, being present in the digital world alone is not enough without involving the process of analyzing your company's digital activities. By using this tool, your business can analyze how impactful the campaigns or other actions your company is taking via social media are.
Benefits that you can get from social media analytics
So that you better understand the benefits that can be obtained when using social media analytics, here we provide 6 reasons as follows:

1. Help maintain your company branding

It is undeniable, customers have a big influence on the sustainability of a brand. Without them, you will find it difficult to market the products or services you offer. Moreover, if your brand has not been very well heard among the public. Through social media, you get the opportunity to introduce the brand in a positive direction. Apart from that, social media also provides a place for you to find out many things, especially interactions between your audience and the products or services you offer.

2. Increase customer acquisition numbers

If you go the traditional way, it may take you a long time to figure out what your audience needs. Meanwhile, trends among customers are fast, especially if there are competitors who apply similar marketing strategies. However, social media analytics can help you save time and provide insight.

In fact, you can predict what customers will need in the future. There is also an opportunity to see the response from the audience to the latest product or service that you offer. So you can improve a few things based on the feedback from your audience.

3. Cost efficiency of customer care

Customers do not only need quality products or services, therefore, the service you provide must also be optimal. However, the best service requires a lot of money. If you turn to social media, customer care services can run more effectively and efficiently. So, you don't have to spend too much money to monitor the situation of customers towards your brand. That way, you can build a deeper relationship.

4. Use the right tools

Social media analytics is indeed very helpful. However, you need the right tools to read the data provided by all the platforms you use, especially if you have lots of social media accounts for business. The reason is, opening and checking everything one by one will be difficult and can overwhelm you. But, by using tools, you can do it.
Let's say you're checking out a Facebook channel. At the same time, a customer mentions you on Instagram. This important thing can escape your focus. However, the tools can warn you to reply to the customer's message, so that the good opportunity you might get is not missed.

5. Perform regular evaluations

Even though the performance of your social media shows good results, it would be nice to carry out regular evaluations. This is very important so that you can see whether your efforts have achieved maximum results or not.
Let's say you share content regularly in a carousel and only use reels once a week. It turns out that reels have higher engagement than carousels on weekdays. That way, you can find out that your customers prefer the delivery of products or services using reels. You can also find out which specific topics interest and meet customer needs.

Social media has indeed become one of the favorite platforms where apart from following trends, you can also build closer relationships with customers, including knowing their interests and what they need. Even so, social media marketing is not easy. You need social media analytics as a helpful tool.
Make sure you choose the right tools so you can maximize each of your social media businesses. Consult PT VADS Indonesia, who will be happy to help and provide solutions regarding your social media analytics. To get more information, just click here!

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