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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence for the Purpose of Social Media Promotion

25 April 2022

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The main advantage of artificial intelligence is its ability to work tirelessly like humans. You can take advantage of these advantages to grow your business. One of them is for promotional purposes on social media. Interestingly, artificial intelligence still has several other advantages when applied to social media promotion strategies. Anything?

1. Social media management is automated
While creating social media content is important for business continuity, managing it requires extra attention. You can't just upload content and expect high engagement points. There needs to be a structured upload schedule for optimal content performance.

Using scheduling tools will help you publish content at the right time, but artificial intelligence is much more than that. This innovation can even create targeted content with data analysis. Artificial intelligence will add relevant hashtags and shorten links in the content. As a result, the content will be more efficient and most of your work can be reduced without worrying about the results.

2. Able to analyze competitors
Another advantage of artificial intelligence is the ability to analyze competitors. Knowing your competitors' strengths and weaknesses is the key to succeeding on social media. By studying your competitors, you can find out what strategies are working and what aren't.

Take advantage of this to modify your strategy for better results. In addition, competitor analysis can also help to understand where you stand when compared to competitors. With the support of artificial intelligence, you can even track reach, and customer sentiment, to the level of market engagement with competing brands.

3. Provides new insights
Manually tracking social media analytics and then capturing insights can be a challenge. This is where artificial intelligence can be put to use. Artificial intelligence-powered tools provide powerful analysis and insight into content, audiences, and more.

Armed with the insights gleaned from this tool, you can measure your company's brand value across multiple networks. This can help you figure out what is working and which aspects still need improvement. As a result, you will know what types of social media promotional content should be uploaded regularly to get optimal results.

4. Cost efficiency through ROI
Artificial intelligence leverages big data analytics combined with machine learning to then increase the ROI (return on investment) of any social media. This is much more cost-efficient when compared to manual analysis using human labor.

ROI itself is the most effective form of measurement of all the costs incurred to get organic engagement from your social media accounts. Artificial intelligence will also promote your brand, convert your audience, and influence them to take actions that can increase your ROI and profits.

5. Increase engagement with the audience
Data from We Are Social found that the average engagement on Facebook was only 3.41%. On Instagram, the score is even lower, at 1.52%. This makes it difficult for brands to thrive on social media.
Social media advertising can help you expand your reach and engagement by showing content to a wider audience. This is where the advantages of artificial intelligence can be felt. Artificial intelligence will predict what is likely to give you the best results. They process data from past marketing assets, such as email marketing, to make accurate and targeted predictions.

By taking advantage of the advantages of artificial intelligence, you can optimize your social media promotions. Even if calculated, the costs incurred will be more efficient than conventional analytical methods. Moreover, now the world has entered an era where data is a valuable resource. Artificial intelligence that is able to analyze data well will certainly be very useful support for your business.

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