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Seeing Artificial Intelligence Performance in Social Media Algorithms

28 March 2022

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The use of the internet today has become a primary need, both for individual and group needs. Of the nearly four billion internet users worldwide, there are three billion people who use social media. With so many features and benefits that can be used, social media utilize artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence in their algorithms.

Every social media has an algorithm
The most interesting thing about social media is that it features algorithms that are made for various purposes. This algorithm helps many business people and influencers to optimize the content created to match the desired target. Broadly speaking, social media algorithms work to maintain social media order mathematically.

Social media algorithms are mathematical rules that work to analyze content on social media accounts, such as sorting uploads by content relevance to users, ranking content or ads on a social media platform, and ranking search results.

Social media algorithms are always changing depending on the platform used. The details of each change are quite difficult to know and there is no definite formula. Even so, general guidelines and characteristics of social media algorithms can be known through each platform.

Algorithms on various social media
Social media algorithms are basically used to bring order and optimize social media. Here are five examples of social media that utilize artificial intelligence for their algorithm needs.

1. Facebook
On the social media platform Facebook, algorithms are built based on posts that stimulate emotions, such as posts from family or relatives. After that, promotional uploads related to business are then displayed. Friendly and family posts are more important to Facebook than business posts.

To anticipate this, Facebook provides ads or paid content separately, so that content can be displayed according to the preferences of Facebook users. The next advantage that Facebook provides is spam management which can be used to delete fake accounts.

2. Instagram
The algorithm data used on Instagram is usually taken from comments, likes, and shares of uploaded content on an account. The more people who interact with the content of the account, the greater the chance for the account to rank in the top rankings in search results. In addition, popular accounts will also be recommended to Instagram users who have similar preferences.

3. Twitter
For the Twitter platform, the algorithm works based on the relevance and upload time of content. It also depends on the number of likes and retweets. Opportunities for content or tweets that are retweeted and liked by many people will be easier to trend. Twitter's algorithm also reads users' preferences for a topic. That way, Twitter will recommend content according to user preferences.

4. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a social platform specifically designed for professional networking. Therefore, the algorithm used is based on connection and engagement. However, LinkedIn users can still see posts from people they haven't connected with when a connected user likes a post.

5. YouTube
YouTube is the most widely used video-only platform. YouTube's algorithm works based on the videos that its users are interested in. These data allow YouTube to recommend videos or content to its users according to their preferences. This data will continue to display recommendations and rankings in search results.

Understanding algorithms improve business efficiency
Social media algorithms are inseparable from the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in providing insight into the social media profile of a business. AI is designed to help improve the performance of a social media account for the advancement of businesses or companies.
The presence of AI will greatly assist the marketing division in carrying out its work, such as analyzing data on social media so that the content and promotions offered are delivered optimally according to the target market. In addition, AI can also find targeted new customers, monitor brand reputation, and identify new ways to optimize content and promotions.

The performance of social media algorithms cannot be separated from the role of artificial intelligence. That's what can make business accounts get promotion optimization and product introduction. However, business optimization is not only limited to uploading products to social media. You also need patience, and accuracy, to the right service when starting a business.

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