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6 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing for Companies

28 February 2022

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The advantages of artificial intelligence can be used to support the company's social media marketing process. The close relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) technology and social media is unavoidable.

In social media, AI technology is used to provide many conveniences for its users. As a platform for interaction and information sharing, social media can be a potential area for companies to carry out marketing strategies. So, what does this have to do with AI? Check out the six advantages of artificial intelligence in social media marketing for the following companies!

1. Provides insight from social listening
One of the advantages of artificial intelligence that will certainly benefit social media marketing is the ability of AI to provide insight from social listening. A social listening tool powered by artificial intelligence technology can help you get information about your brand's social media profile and audience.

With the ability of artificial intelligence to analyze large-scale social data, AI technology is able to produce extractions from the data obtained. So if the implementation is done properly, it is very possible for you to grow your business and target the right audience through the process of monitoring the insights displayed on social media. This will certainly be very beneficial for your company's social media marketing.

2. Allows targeted advertising
Another advantage of artificial intelligence is that it allows you to place ads that reach the right target. AI technology is able to analyze various data on social media.
So, when you place an ad, the demographic targeting of customers and potential customers on social media will be very important. The ads that you place will appear on the appropriate target audience. Thus, the effectiveness of your ads will increase.

3. Improve consumer experience
Consumer experience is an important point that needs to be considered in social media marketing activities. The better the consumer experience, the more satisfaction they get. This certainly has a good impact on your business and company.

With its capabilities, artificial intelligence technology can help you significantly improve the consumer experience. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you will be able to understand consumer preferences so that you can get to know your customers more closely. As a result, you will be able to create content and target it precisely at consumers. In addition, you will also be able to identify complaints and respond to your consumer complaints, thereby improving the customer experience.

4. Measuring customer sentiment
Customer sentiment is an important part that must be considered by the company. By measuring customer sentiment, the company will find out how the level of customer emotion is. This will be very useful for the company because it can let the company know the topics and campaigns that are suitable for the audience.

5. Competitor analysis
In social media marketing, analyzing competitors will provide benefits for your company. With the advantages of artificial intelligence, you can analyze competitor profiles quickly and accurately. You will also be able to monitor competitors and find the most appropriate strategy to outperform competitors so that you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

6. Easy content management
Content management activities often require a tedious and time-consuming process. With artificial intelligence technology on social media, this time-consuming process can be overcome.

You can streamline the content distribution process and manage it simultaneously in no time. In fact, you are not only able to schedule content to be posted but also can spread the content on various social media platforms that you have. As a result, content management and management become more effective and efficient.

The advantages of artificial intelligence in social media are able to have a significant impact on social media marketing for companies. If you need analytical services for your company's social media, VADS Indonesia is the most appropriate solution. With the Social Media Analytics service, VADS Indonesia is able to provide analysis results on responses and opinions from customers on the products that your company provides.

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