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Get to know Email Marketing Strategy with PT VADS Indonesia

29 April 2022

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In the business world, there are various ways to launch a marketing strategy. One of them by way of email marketing. Doing business promotion via email is considered the right choice and better when compared to using social media.

In this article, PT VADS Indonesia will explain more about email marketing strategies. That way, you will better understand and be able to use email as one of your business email strategies!

What is email marketing?
As the name suggests, email marketing is a way of doing marketing using email. That is, you will send an email to potential customers. The purpose of this delivery can range from education to getting your audience to use or buy the products your business offers.

This strategy for using email is quite traditional in the field of digital marketing. However, if you can apply the right strategy, this email marketing will be very effective.

Why is email marketing important?
Although it is quite traditional when compared to marketing through social media which is more booming today, in fact, email marketing is also important for the growth of your business. There are several benefits that need to be understood in order for you to consider using this marketing strategy.

The first benefit is cost-effective. You don't need to do a big promotion or marketing, just have a potential customer's email address and create the right email content. The reach of email marketing is also very broad because it is almost impossible for someone who is connected to the internet, not to have an email address.

In addition, some studies say that about 90 percent of people will check email every day. Therefore, if your content can attract the attention of potential consumers, the use of this marketing method will be very efficient.

Strategy for doing email marketing
To do email marketing, you must understand some of the ways below to make marketing methods more effective.

1. Get to know your audience
The first strategy that PT VADS Indonesia recommends for your business is to identify the audience. You must be able to understand the habits or behavior of your potential customers. Find out what their tastes and interests are, that way you can create the appropriate and effective email content.

2. Prepare the right tools
Email marketing is not the same as sending personal emails. It takes the right tools to support this one business strategy. The reason is, that in email marketing, there will be videos, images, and even landing pages that aim to make consumers more interested. There are many tools or tools that you can use. However, make sure you understand the advantages of each tool in order to be optimal in sending email marketing.

3. Make a list
Next is to create an email list. This will be very necessary so that you can understand the target audience that really has the potential for business development. Group the email addresses of potential customers according to some of the assessments you have done so that the business runs smoothly.

Don't forget to also create interesting content with varied calls to action so that your email readers or potential customers are more interested in using the products or services you offer.

4. Email marketing optimization
After you understand and have created an email list, optimize your email marketing by building interesting content. Once you are sure of the content, do an email blast.

Email blast means you'll be sending out direct emails to multiple people at once. Of course, the target audience is people who have entered the email list. Doing this will be very useful for businesses because marketing is done quickly and massively.

5. Evaluation
The last strategy is to evaluate. It won't be complete if you don't measure the effectiveness of your email marketing. You must evaluate this strategy in order to understand whether what you are doing is correct and effective in grabbing the attention of the audience.

Find out if they made a purchase and how many people made a transaction after opening your marketing email. That way, you can further optimize this strategy in the future.

That's an explanation of email marketing strategies to grow your business. Carrying out a marketing strategy, of course, requires in-depth experience and knowledge. For those of you who need help optimizing this strategy, use Digital Marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia. Visit the PT VADS Indonesia website for more information!

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