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Artificial Intelligence for Contact Center

16 November 2020

Image of Artificial Intelligence for Contact Center

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can now be seen using it in business, one of the applications of its use is for the company's customer relations strategy with its customers. Customers are essential in the company's business, so the right strategy is needed to improve the company's customer experience. Various solutions that are empowered using AI technology will make it easier for businesses to be more effective, especially in the contact center sector, such as in responding to problems, complaints, and various questions raised by customers. So that AI is needed in one of the business strategies to improve customer experience.

Various AI features are used in customer service, for example, using chatbots to respond to messages and questions from customers. Chatbot, its use that can answer simple questions raised by customers quickly makes it easier for companies to handle their contact centers. The chatbot can answer customer questions indefinitely or 24/7/365 non-stop by reaching customers without any geographic restrictions.

In addition, there is personalization marketing, which is marketing that is automatically used into CRM, which uses AI technology to read customer data. In addition, personalized marketing can also be used to relate to customers so as to create stronger relationships between customers and companies with the objective of increasing customer loyalty.
The abilities possessed by Artificial Intelligence such as being able to analyze all the data that has been collected based on the experience it has. Through communication carried out by chatbots, AI has collected data in order to provide solutions to consumers so as to provide feedback regarding customer behavior patterns and the tastes that customers want to companies related to their customer needs. The information is processed by the company so that it can take quick action, for example in offering products and services according to the needs of its customers and the development of the lifestyle of its customers.

Artificial Intelligence can improve customer service performance to make customers get information or assistance in the form of text and voice quickly. Artificial Intelligence also has the ability to provide fast responses and has the ability to recognize consumer behavior patterns in a very short time so it is useful for contact centers in conducting marketing personalization by knowing the character of their customers through the activities they carry out.

Artificial Intelligence is a breakthrough that makes it easier for companies to serve customers. Various companies have started using AI in their contact center world. Various companies that have AI include Bank BCA with the name Vira, Bank BRI with the name Sabrina, Bank BNI with the nickname Cinta, Bank Mandiri with the name Mita, XL with the name Maya, and many more.

Various impacts are felt by companies that use AI as service automation such as being able to serve consumers for 24 hours without having to add human resources. Another impact that is felt is that the business becomes more efficient because all messages are received and responded to by the robot, even though there are issues regarding labor being taken over using robots.

The use of AI itself still requires continuous development to make it more perfect in responding to customer needs. Your company's contact center can combine chatbot services with a contact center. The chatbot can only respond to repetitive questions but cannot respond to more complex problems, a contact center agent is needed who can forward requests received by the chatbot to help complete requests from customers or this term is called a hybrid chatbot. VADS Indonesia provides a chatbot solution to make it easier for your company to serve customers. Apart from that, VADS Indonesia can also provide an Indonesian chatbot solution according to your needs. The various features available in the chatbot are:

1. Provide rewards/points to customers
2. Can provide information on the location of the company's branch
3. Can do reminders to customers
4. Can make transactions for the needs of your company
5. Can make video calls that can be used for data verification
6. Can be used for customer care and customer engagement

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