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Mental Health Awareness - Free Webinar

04 October 2023

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is a state of well-being where every individual can realize their own potential. It can be interpreted again that someone can overcome stress in their normal life. Mental health is something that everyone has or is an individual.

Good mental health is a condition when a person's mind is in a peaceful and calm state, allowing us to enjoy daily life and respect other people around us. A person can be said to be mentally healthy, namely a person who can use his abilities or potential to the maximum in facing challenges in his life, and can establish relationships with other people, namely positive relationships. Apart from that, someone who is mentally healthy can handle themselves when they experience stress and make choices. Do you know so far what the causes and risks are that trigger mental health so far? Do you know what symptoms appear when you experience depression? So what treatment can you do when you experience an emotional condition that is not okay?

In this webinar, we want to invite you to become more familiar with and understand the feelings of yourself and those closest to you. Register yourself or your colleagues now via



Title: Mental Health Awareness

Speaker : Nurul Aisah, M.Psi., Psi.

Date: Tuesday, October 10 2023

Time: 15.30-16.30 WIB

Duration: 1 hour

Mechanism: Online

Benefits: E-Certificate



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