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How Does Digital Transformation Improve Contact Centers?

23 March 2021

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Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of the business, resulting in fundamental changes in the way businesses operate and the value companies provide to customers. The digital transformation is changing the way companies manage their contact centers. Technology provides insights to interact with customers in new ways and also to improve the productivity of contact center operational performance. The main factor companies must take advantage of this digital transformation is because customers are also starting to switch to digital in carrying out their daily activities. Customers are expected to be able to contact the company anytime, anywhere, and by using whatever platform they want. So it is important for companies to determine their contact center strategy to make it more useful for their customers.

The company's contact center must be able to keep up with technological transformation to provide a good customer experience so it must have a customer service-centered strategy. Companies must think about what technology is used by customers for budget efficiency and also time efficiency in providing services, increasing interaction with customers, and increasing customer loyalty. Some of the benefits that have been felt by the existence of digital transformation in the world of contact centers include:

1. The conversation is carried out automatically

Automation is part of the digital transformation process so that contact center automation can be used to increase the productivity of contact center agents and also to reduce costs. In addition, automation can improve the customer experience, one of which is by using a chatbot or voice bot.

2. Make use of omnichannel channels

A good contact center ideally provides 360-degree service from customers so that they can understand customer wants and needs so as to make customers satisfied with the services provided by the company. Digital transformation can be used by contact centers to integrate all channels they have to provide a better customer experience, but of course, the company must be able to identify the channels that the company's customers prefer. Synchronization in each channel must also be considered so that the customer does not complain about something that he has to tell repeatedly.

3. Make use of data

With digital transformation, it allows your company to get the data obtained from your customers. Digital transformation helps companies get valuable data to improve your company's customer experience. These technologies can provide data about your customer behavior, company perceptions, and your company's customer support services. So that by knowing this data, companies can focus on improving customer experience and also improving services, and improving products and services provided to customers. Of course, it will provide a personalized experience according to each customer.

4. Cost savings

By using digital transformation, it is true that your company will invest in some technology to be utilized, but by increasing productivity and reducing other hardware costs, for example by being able to operate anywhere so that it can save your company's operational budget.

Today's customer expectations are getting higher, they need customer service or contact centers that are more personal, timely, and always on all channels, especially in digital channels. That is the importance of digital transformation to be integrated and to provide comprehensive services to customers. In 2021 and beyond, contact center automation is accelerating, making it important for companies to adopt best practices, or risk falling behind the competition. Technological advances in robotic process automation (RPA), AI, and machine learning (ML) are completely changing the face of customer service.

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