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Effective and Efficient Digital Customer Experience for e-Commerce and Logistic Industry at Post Pandemic Era

17 June 2022

Image of Effective and Efficient Digital Customer Experience for e-Commerce and Logistic Industry at Post Pandemic Era

Jakarta, 17 June 2022 – PT. VADS Indonesia held an E-Commerce and Logistics Event with the theme "Effective and Efficient Digital Customer Experience for e-Commerce and Logistics Industry at Post Pandemic Era". This event is PT VADS Indonesia's first activity to be held offline after the pandemic with the aim of providing insight to customer service providers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service.

This 2022 E-Commerce and Logistics Event presents 4 experienced and competent speakers in their fields, including Maneesha Bushal (JD.ID Customer Experience Director), Cut Noosy (Grab Indonesia Director of Support Operations), Juan Almer (AVP of Customer Experience Anteraja). ), and Doddy Kartiwa (Senior Solutions Consultant Genesys). This event was attended by more than 30 well-known companies from companies that use the services and services of PT VADS Indonesia, especially from the banking industry, E-Commerce, Logistics, and other sectors.

"The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation process where we know that their e-commerce, logistics, and fintech companies are still surviving and growing in this pandemic era, where other industries have experienced a decline or even fall in this pandemic era. This is because industries that have adapted and have implemented digital systems are able to provide flexibility and convenience in conducting transactions and consumer needs,” said Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of PT VADS Indonesia.

This is the responsibility of PT VADS Indonesia as a service provider to be able to support clients in transforming and providing digital solutions such as digital customer experience, robotic process automation, social media analytics, 360-degree CRM, Omni channel, learning center, e-knowledge management, digital marketing, high availability services, and other smart services.

In addition to the updated solutions above, PT VADS Indonesia also has certification for regulations set by the Indonesian government and international policies to provide digital transformation solutions, including KBLI for standard classification permits for business fields, and ISO 27001:2013 for confidentiality. data, PCI DSS for financial transactional, ISO 9001 for operational management, COPC for high quality, high productivity, and high-performance operations, Six Sigma for process and solution innovation, and ITIL for helpdesk and service desk services.

Currently, PT VADS Indonesia also provides added value to our clients, in terms of HR such as training for operations personnel including High-Performance Management Techniques (HPMT) training, COPC, BNSP, and other training to support service and performance. In terms of technology, PT VADS Indonesia provides PowerBI for real-time analytical reports, e-learning knowledge management, and QMS (Quality Monitoring System). Meanwhile, from the process side, PT VADS Indonesia provides a center of excellence (COE) to ensure consistent results and increase productivity and performance.

"PT VADS Indonesia does not just stop here, we continue to provide the latest innovations and breakthrough solutions to continue to exist as a service provider and "chosen digital partner". The latest solutions that we will provide in the future such as augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, and other smart solutions. We believe that our service culture and our solutions can answer our clients' business challenges in facing the digital era. This is proven by the growth of clients at PT VADS which continues to increase, even though some clients have been with us for more than 5 years of service. Because we believe that convenience is not only for one group but for everyone, and here PT VADS Indonesia provides convenience to help companies to transform and continue to exist in the future.” said Deddy Hermansyah, CMO of PT VADS Indonesia.

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