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What field is PT VADS Indonesia engaged in? Find Out Here!

14 March 2022

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Recently, the Indonesian government has often echoed the industrial era 4.0 by promoting progress in the digital world. One of the goals is to increase the potential of companies on a small and large scale without exception.

The main key to being able to follow this trend is to unite processes, technology, and human resources to achieve the company's main goals. This is where PT VADS Indonesia emerges as a solution for all needs to advance the company. Actually, what is PT VADS Indonesia engaged in? Here's a review that you can learn about PT VADS Indonesia.

PT VADS Indonesia at a glance
PT VADS Indonesia is a subsidiary of TM ONE, the public sector business solutions company and agency of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) Group. As the partner of choice in digital customer experience management, PT VADS Indonesia brings together processes, technology, and human resources to achieve the ultimate goal of every company. The company that was formed as a result of a collaboration between IBM Global Network Services and Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) was founded in 1991 and started operating in Indonesia on December 1, 2008.

4 Main Services Provided by PT VADS Indonesia
Now, you know what PT VADS Indonesia is engaged in. With a vision and mission that prioritizes the best solutions for customers, partners, and employees, and armed with a number of international standard certifications, PT VADS Indonesia provides four main services that you can consider to be the answer to the problems your company is currently facing. These services include:

1. Customer Experience
PT VADS Indonesia provides services related to customer experience. The services of an experienced agent provider, both inbound and outbound, can be a solution for you to get new customers.

Omnichannel services also offer a customer experience to connect with your company through various different channels, ranging from websites, mobile applications, social media, and web FAQs, to telephone communication. You can also take advantage of professional trainers from PT VADS Indonesia for various forms of employee development with a comprehensive curriculum.

2. Digital Solutions
As a digital solution for various areas of the company, PT VADS Indonesia offers publication services as well as digital monitoring using electronic devices or the internet. You can use Social Media Analytic services, for example, to see public responses and opinions, especially potential customers, to your company's products or services through various media.

Also present was Social Media Care Management, which provided services to run creative campaigns through social media channels. You can also get a number of customer services such as Smart Chat Assistant and WhatsApp for Business. This does not include end-to-end cloud services and IT Managed Services, which are also PT VADS Indonesia's mainstay services.

3. Security Solutions
Security solutions are also the answer to the question 'What field is PT VADS Indonesia engaged in'. PT VADS Indonesia is one of the strongest and most trusted providers of authentication services for more secure access. With Blockchain technology that is easy to use and very secure, this service can be used for securing data on websites and logging in via mobile phones. Apart from being reliable, Blockchain services also do not change the design or structure of the technology when added to an existing set of systems.

4. Work from Home Solutions
The existence of information technology with a very fast cross-flow makes us have to be more flexible in responding to the challenges of the world. Work from Home service solutions from PT VADS Indonesia helps customers to always maintain productivity. The WFH system will always ensure that you and your team's productivity is maintained by always taking into account data security risks.

The reason you need to use the services of PT VADS Indonesia
With the services above, PT VADS Indonesia is committed to always helping promote companies in Indonesia so that they can compete in the digital era as it is now. Then, why should you use the services provided by PT VADS Indonesia?

Experienced and professional - PT VADS Indonesia has been established in 2008 and works with hundreds of large companies in Indonesia. This makes him more experienced and professional in every project he does.

Reliable service - Many big companies have trusted their problems by making PT VADS Indonesia the best solution for them. Most said they were satisfied and believed in the optimal results that PT VADS Indonesia provided for each project.

Officially certified - Armed with international standards from various fields, PT VADS Indonesia is proven as a competent company offering effective solutions for all business fields.

Provide end-to-end BPO and ICT solutions - With agent service providers who are experienced in handling customers and multichannel communication technology, PT VADS Indonesia makes PT VADS Indonesia a company that provides effective solutions for almost all companies in all fields.

Through the explanation above, you now understand what business PT VADS Indonesia is in. Relying on technology and human resource competencies, PT VADS Indonesia always presents various solutions for your company's needs, ranging from customer service, omnichannel marketing, to social media. Click here to know more about PT VADS Indonesia!

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