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Contact Center in Digital Era

02 March 2021

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Digital technology is developing increasingly sophisticated and changing the flow of communication to be faster and more accessible. These technological developments make communication easy to use digital and create innovative solutions. Companies must be able to follow the development of digital technology, especially in terms of customer service so that customers do not leave the company and so that customers are satisfied with the services provided by the company. In this era of openness in terms of information, of course, customers will use various ways to communicate with companies such as using social media, websites, live chat, and also email. Although until now, call centers will still be needed with various advantages such as providing real-time solutions and fast responses.

The contact center is not only a department in the company's business, but also the face of the company itself because it deals directly with customers, so the contact center must be able to adapt and adapt to existing changes, especially adjusting to the needs and channels used by its customers. One of the changes that must be adapted is the presence of a 24/7 contact center so that it can serve its customers anytime and anywhere. Contact centers that are available 24/7 can help customers submit complaints, provide input, and ask questions about a company's products and services without being limited by time. Customers can more easily contact the company comfortably. In addition, the company will get a lot of calls from customers so that they can find out what the customer wants, and then it can be used to create products and services according to customer needs.

Companies must be able to provide support in the form of personalized responses according to the person of their respective customers, be timely in responding to customers, and also provide appropriate and relevant solutions. Companies will get higher customer loyalty and satisfaction to get higher revenue and also get more benefits. The contact center transformation also requires strategic implementation and best practices to increase efficiency and optimize the customer experience.

One of the technological developments, namely automation such as robotic process automation (RPA), the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help customer service. However, the company does not need to automate as a whole, the company must know which parts to submit using Artificial Intelligence and which ones still need a human touch as a response to solving problems experienced by customers.

The use of many channels such as social media, websites, live chat, and the call center itself allows customers to easily contact companies with the media they want and make the company provide its services properly according to the wishes and needs of their customers. Companies must be adaptable and flexible in dealing with existing changes and developments. Consult your company's contact center needs in this digital era with VADS Indonesia.

VADS Indonesia can assist you in building and developing a contact center to provide optimal service to your customers. VADS Indonesia has more than 12 years of experience in the contact center industry and currently serves more than 50 clients, most of whom are market leaders from various existing industries. VADS Indonesia provides a variety of contact center services such as:

• Inbound contact center
• Outbound contact center
• Technical support services
• Omni-channel
• Smart Chat Assistant
• Social Media Care
• Smart Outreach
• Human Augmented Bot
• Blockchain Secure Authentication

And various other services that you can consult with VADS Indonesia. VADS Indonesia has been certified ISO 270001: 2013 so that it has guaranteed data security. For further information, contact for consultation in order to improve your contact center in the digital era.

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