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Social Media for Contact Center

06 November 2020

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The contact center in the company has a very important role because it is the front line of the company. So it is only natural that the contact center must be managed very well not only as a means of handling complaints but more than that, namely as a means of communication and engagement between customers and the company. As a means of engagement with customers, the contact center must be able to function as a solution to problems and questions raised by customers. The contact center is not only a collector of complaints but also must be able to provide solutions to problems experienced by customers.

To be able to answer questions raised by customers who come from various channels, a company must have a multi-channel contact center and not only by telephone. Now social media and other digital platforms are channel options that companies can use according to the convenience of their customers. The use of social media as a service from contact centers is one of the things companies must do in keeping up with technological developments and trends in people's lifestyles.

Social media has become a big part of the lives of customers today. Currently, many customers have seen their questions and complaints via social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media can indeed reach both existing and potential customers in a wider reach and also respond quickly. The following are the benefits of using social media as a company contact center:

1. Broad-Reach Quick Response
Handling customers through various social media is one of the fastest methods with a wider reach because customers have started to switch to using digital technology that is close to their daily lives. Fast and efficient response and being able to solve problems is the key to the success of social media as a contact center tool.

2. Can Respond More Personally
By replying to questions or handling customer complaints with conversations that feel more personal, customers can feel closer to the company. Try not to reply using templates or just copy paste to make it appear that we are approaching customers personally so that we can get closer to customers.

3. Increase Engagement
By using social media, companies can display relevant content and attract the attention of customers so that it can increase engagement with customers. Companies can communicate through content shared on corporate social media.

4. Update with Customers
The contact center is the front line of the business must provide good service. Therefore, by using social media as a contact center, companies can easily obtain and share information regarding their latest products and services as well as information regarding solutions and promos to customers quickly and with a wide range. The company can also listen to criticism and suggestions directly from its customers.

5. Cost-Effective
Using social media as a contact center can save a lot of expenses and can provide many benefits so that with various benefits that are felt such as being able to respond more quickly, reaching a wide area, being able to serve customers 24/7, and also increasing sales, it is felt that the company can save costs in terms of service to customers but still optimal.

Of course, social media as a contact center media will certainly be better if it is still supported by conventional devices such as call centers to stay connected in real-time with its customers. Make sure customers continue to get process developments related to the information needed and the problems they are experiencing so that customers feel that the company cares for customers. Of course, using social media as a means of contact center must be careful because, on the other hand, it can damage the company's brand reputation if too many obstacles appear publicly on the company's social media.

VADS Indonesia can help your company to develop your contact center to go digital or by adding various social media channels according to your company's market needs. Various advantages possessed by VADS Indonesia and our portfolio in handling several clients can be a consideration for you to use the services and services offered by VADS Indonesia. Other advantages are:

• Provides sites in 3 cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang
• Received various awards from several categories both corporate, individual, and in collaboration with clients
• VADS Indonesia provides end to end solutions by providing all the resources, manpower, and systems required by the company
• Have a talent pool so that it can meet the needs of a large workforce in a short time
• Has various certificates such as ISO 27001: 2013, COPC, BCCP, IPMA, PMP, Sales Forse, etc.

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