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Maximize Your Contact Center with Smart Chat Assistant

18 November 2020

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Various industries in Indonesia must adapt quickly in the face of disruption and rapid technological developments. These developments are needed to meet consumer needs for your company's industry. Currently, many consumers use the media which requires a quick response to their needs and complaints. So that companies must be able to adjust their services, especially by incorporating more technology to attract more customers, not to mention that your company has to attract consumers with lucrative offers to increase customer awareness and to increase customer loyalty. One of the best technologies and also cheaper to attract customers is to use chatbot technology or smart chat assistant.

The use of smart chat assistants in Indonesia has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. There are many smart chat assistants that can help serve various industries, for example in the fields of telecommunications, retail, automotive, financial services, health, e-commerce, education, and even MSMEs. These various industries are trying to respond quickly to the needs of their consumers so that speed and efficiency are currently needed to maximize customer service.

What is Smart Chat Assistant?
Smart chat assistant is an artificial intelligence program (Artificial Intelligence) that simulates human conversations interactively because it contains Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing so that it can be programmed interactively and can understand the language used daily. Smart Chat Assistant is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversations using pre-calculated key user phrases and auditory, visual, and text-based signals.

Smart Chat Assistant feature
The smart chat assistant will provide a better customer experience while chatting with chatbots. The smart chat assistant can speak Indonesian using everyday language so that it seems as if it will be answered personally. If there are more complex problems, the smart chat assistant will direct the contact center agent to be escalated and solve the complex problem. In addition, some other smart chat assistant features are as follows:

  1. Provide rewards/points to customers
  2. Can provide information on the location of the company's branch
  3. Can do reminders to customers
  4. Can make transactions for the needs of your company
  5. Can make video calls that can be used for data verification
  6. Can be used for customer care and customer engagement

Benefits of Smart Chat Assistant
In the current era of information disclosure, customers certainly have complaints and various questions that want answers quickly and precisely. Of course, by using a smart chat assistant, you can be helped in handling complaints at any time, even outside working hours. This is where a smart chat assistant plays a big role in responding to customers and increasing customer satisfaction. By using the smart chat assistant, you can save time in answering all customer responses, both complaints and questions from customers every day. Smart chat assistant can help your company save time and also reduce your company budget. Other benefits that can be felt by using a smart chat assistant for your company's contact center are as follows:

1. Reducing operational workload
The smart chat assistant can multitask quickly and precisely. Smart chat assistants can answer generalized questions, with automation allowing companies to save costs such as reducing the number of incoming calls and increasing efficiency.

2. Improve customer engagement and customer experience
Smart chat assistants can help companies solve problems experienced by customers quickly and precisely so that they don't have to wait long to get a response from the company. This can make customers feel happy because they feel that complaints and required information can be responded to quickly so as to improve a good customer experience.

3. Improve lead generation
Smart chat assistants can help companies collect visitor data such as names, emails, and phone numbers, and the needs of these customers, so that companies can find out about the latest potential customers and add leads with the aim of selling and increasing company revenue.

4. Provide insight into customers
With the smart chat assistant having visitor data such as names, emails, telephone numbers, customer needs, the company has related data about customer insights so that this data can be used by the company to provide products and services that are in line with its target market.

5. Always serve customers faithfully for 24 hours
You can use the smart chat assistant so that you are always available to serve customers without a certain time limit. So the smart chat assistant is the right solution to serve customers anytime and on any platform.

Does your company already use a smart chat assistant to maximize the performance of your contact center? Smart chat assistants can provide efficiency for your company, especially for jobs that can be automated, especially those that are repetitive in nature. Apart from that, the smart chat assistant has unlimited working hours. The smart chat assistant can serve consumers for 24 hours and also on various platforms such as FB Messenger, Telegram, Line, Webchat, Mobile, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

It is time for your company to use a smart chat assistant to maximize the function of your company's contact center and create better customer satisfaction so as to improve your company's customer experience. VADS Indonesia can help your company improve your customer experience by maximizing the function of your company's contact center using a smart chat assistant that is easy to use, cost-effective, and can respond to customers faster 24 hours at any time and any hour. Contact for consultation regarding the needs of a smart chat assistant in your company.

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