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7 Experience of Customer Service That You Must Have

27 February 2020

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Better revenue and the growth of a business come from great customer service because that is the foundation of a successful and sustainable business. The very important thing is a business has reliable customer service before competitors do it first. But how to have reliable and qualified customer service? Because the profession as a customer service or call center is not easy. Here are some skills that must be possessed by customer service to be able to provide exceptional service to customers.

  1. Product / Service Knowledge. This is the main and most must-have skill for every employee in your business. They must have a deep understanding of the products / services that the company has. The agents must always be updated with the latest features and product development and services from the company. Having good product knowledge will help agents more quickly resolve complaints, provide recommendations / solutions, and interact with customers.
  2. Transparent. Nothing is perfect in the world. Even the best companies make mistakes. The important thing is to acknowledge and accept when a company makes a mistake or has a shortage, and do not promise something that cannot be fulfilled to the customer. Honest and honest is the key to good service to customers.
  3. Positive Words. Use the most positive words and sentences in every situation and circumstance when you build a loyal customer base and good, long-term relationships. It's important to pay attention to the agent's words when communicating with customers. With a more friendly tone, of course, makes it easier to approach and win the hearts of customers.
  4. Ready with complaints. In a competitive business, you will receive questions from customers. They will not wait just to buy your company's products / services because they are faced with many choices and have the right to ask questions. Quite often customers refuse after many questions, but don't be afraid because this situation can be used to get important information such as customer needs, problems, and challenges they experience.
  5. Think & React Quickly. There will be situations where customers ask random questions that are not in the product knowledge or instructions possessed by the agent. In this situation, it is very important to think fast and provide the right solution. If the agent is unable to give the right answer, the agent must have a back-up plan such as connecting customers to a higher level that can help quickly.
  6. Speak Structured and Clear. Customers really do not like explanations that are circling and do not solve problems. The best solution is to provide an answer or a direct solution to the problem. And it must always be remembered, the agent must always make sure the customer understands the language / sentence used and is not confused in technical explanation.
  7. Closing ability. Closing ability refers to the agent's ability to end a conversation and ensure all customer questions are answered properly. With a good closing and making sure the customer is satisfied with the solution provided, it can give the impression that the agent / company cares about the customer and is willing to help in any way possible.

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