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What is Artificial Intelligence?

11 November 2020

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), its use has recently become increasingly widespread in the world of technology. Its use, which can facilitate human work, makes AI continue to be developed more widely to be utilized. The first working AI program was written in 1951 to run the Ferranti Mark I machine at the University of Manchester (UK). After that, AI continues to develop, it can even be used as a country's defense system. AI was originally widely used in the information technology sector such as Google, Alibaba, and Amazone, but currently, its use can already be used in various industrial sectors such as finance, media, transportation, health and entertainment and will continue to grow rapidly.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine that can learn from experience by adjusting new inputs and can do tasks that are usually done by humans. Currently, there are many examples of the use of AI embedded in machine technology such as computers that can be specially trained to complete tasks and help human work. The characteristic possessed by AI is its ability to take action to achieve certain goals. The goal of making AI is to make machines smarter than previously used only for manual typing, now AI can make computers able to type automatically based on sound, for example. In addition, with AI, technology can help solve problems effectively, efficiently, and thoroughly so that it can improve processing and help human work with maximum results.

Artificial Intelligence Process

AI is a technology that requires data to be used as knowledge, so it requires experience and data so that intelligence can respond better. AI can also learn by themselves based on experiences used by humans so that it is not always ordered by humans. AI is programmed to continually learn from itself and the mistakes it makes. The intelligence possessed by AI makes AI have a system that acts like a human, a system that can think like humans, can think and also act rationally. The following is the process of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Learning: is a process where AI obtains information and rules for using information
  • Reasoning: where AI uses the rules and information from learning to reach a definite estimate of conclusions
  • Perception (self-correction): the process by which AI makes a decision

AI Pros and Cons

AI has many benefits for human life today. The various advantages and disadvantages of AI are as follows:

Advantages :
- Can help with repetitive work
- Can provide convenience with a faster way of working
- Consistent and thorough results
- More permanent, such as not easy to forget because you use a computer system
- Easier to duplicate and deploy quickly and easily
- Cheaper with unlimited usage
- Can be commented on and tracked for each activity

- Limited to the given program
- Makes human performance decrease in several fields of work because it has been replaced by AI
- Does not have feelings so that it cannot replace engagement between humans
- Do not have the ability to understand the information received (common sense)


Utilization of AI

Examples of using AI have been widely used in various fields. As in the field of games, for example, there are many games in which characters use AI. In the industrial sector, there are many uses for AI in robots that are used in assembling vehicle engines so that managers are faster in assembling vehicles. Even in the entertainment industry, such as in the film, nowadays it uses AI technology in it and introduces how AI works like in the Iron Man film. The use of AI that is most closely related to our daily lives is on our smartphones through the Google or Siri virtual assistant which is still developing and maybe even smarter. An example that most often appears but is often not felt is when we have been shopping in e-commerce and at that time there are also many product recommendations obtained from our own data so far in searching and purchasing a product. And there are many more applications and uses of AI in our daily lives. Of course, this is very easy and helps human work.

Artificial intelligence or AI helps a lot in our work and in our daily lives. Of course, AI will continue to develop and be smarter with various improvements and developments. Interested in developing AI to make work easier at your company? Contact for consultation and develop AI to optimize your customer service process so that it is faster, more effective, and efficient.

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