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Omni Channel

Omni Channel is a multi-channel business model that is used as a company's strategy to increase customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel is a service using various channels that is used as a company strategy to increase customer satisfaction, company sales, and other company needs. Omnichannel is an integrative method between customer and company relationships. With omnichannel customers can stay connected to the company in any situation with multiple channels at the same time.

Omnichannel replaces multichannel services which include location, FAQ web page (usually contains frequently asked questions), social media, live web chat, mobile application and telephone communication. Customers can make complaints or other requests with various channels without having to repeat from the beginning because the customer journey has been recorded in the Omnichannel system.


  • Integrated Communication and Analytics
  • Instant Revenue Growth
  • Customer Self-Service
  • High Customer Retention

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