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6 Signs Your Business Needs Business Process Outsourcing Support

Posted on 19 Jan 2023

In the business world, the term Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is often heard. However, there are also not a few business people who do not know about this BPO. In fact, the application of BPO greatly impacts work efficiency and company finances. Here's a full explanation of BPO and six signs your company needs.

What is business process outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing is a practice in the business world when a company involves a third party in completing some of the company's tasks. This aims to maximize Business Process Management (BPM) and time efficiency. BPO has a significant impact on improving the quality of work. This is because companies can focus more on developing their core business when several other tasks have been handled by professional outsourcing service providers.

Example of application of business process outsourcing

Examples of the types of BPO services are very diverse, including outsourcing for employee recruitment, accounting, customer experience, and many others. When your business has delegated some of these tasks to third parties, it means you can focus more on taking care of other business developments.

6 Signs your business needs business process outsourcing

As a business person, you often only focus on getting the job done without thinking about how it can be done quickly. So, identify the following six signs that can indicate that your business does need a BPO!

1. Your business is booming

The more your company develops, the more duties and responsibilities it will carry out. In addition, there are several new tasks that your company does not have time to handle independently. At that time, a business process outsourcing company can help lighten the workload of your company or business. That way, your company's business process management becomes more structured.

2. You need to focus on the main operating activities of the business

While your company is focused on the arts, adding employees to technology might sound inefficient. Without the hassle of hiring new full-time employees in the IT field, you can take advantage of the services of a business process outsourcing company. That way, your company's business process management can be maintained properly.

3. You have to cut operational costs

Recruiting new employees requires a lot of money, so this activity may have a less positive impact on the company's operational expenses. Therefore, to avoid this, operational costs can be reduced with outsourcing services, in which total expenses are less than recruiting new employees.

4. Your business is lagging behind in the application of technology

The application of technology in the digital era is very important. So, it's no wonder that almost all components in the business world are equipped with technology. However, it's no secret that technological tools are quite expensive. For those of you who are in need of electronic equipment for short-term office needs, it's better for you to turn to an outsourcing service provider. That way, the operational costs incurred are less than the initial estimate and work results can be in accordance with the target achievement.

5. The recruitment process needs a long process

The employee recruitment process not only requires a lot of money but also takes quite a long time. Thus, the recruitment of employees for urgent business needs is not effective. With outsourcing services from a business process outsourcing company, you can get work results that are far more practical than having to suddenly recruit new employees.

6. Your business does not have the appropriate competencies

Startup companies often face new challenges. One of them may be that the workload at the company has suddenly increased, but there are still no employees whose positions or competencies are in line with these new requirements. Therefore, using the services of a business process outsourcing company is the solution. For example, your business is looking to develop customer experience with customer relationship management, so you can work with PT VADS Indonesia which provides this service.

Is your business experiencing one of the indications above? Affiliating with a leading and trusted business process outsourcing company like PT VADS Indonesia is the best solution! With various business process outsourcing services from this world-class company, your company's business process management will be of higher quality. Want to know more about this one BPO company? Click here for more detailed information!


Difference between Inbound and Outbound Contact Center Automation

Posted on 17 Jan 2023

The term contact center is something that is familiar to our ears, especially if you run a B2C or business-to-consumer business. Since a long time ago, customers had the opportunity to contact the company by telephone if they had complaints or questions regarding the company's products and services. Conversely, the existence of a contact center also allows companies to contact customers.

With the transformation towards the digital era, now these various needs can be carried out more practically. You can use inbound and outbound contact center automation to make interactions with customers more efficient. However, what is the difference between the two? Let's see the discussion here!

Get to know contact center automation

Contact center automation technology is a solution to speed up and simplify interactions between companies and customers or potential customers. The trick is to eliminate the time-consuming and labor-consuming stages of the contact center agent. The implementation of this automation is divided into inbound and outbound contact center automation.

What is inbound contact center automation?

Inbound contact center automation implements automation when receiving telephone calls or inquiries from incoming consumers. For example, customers can press number 1 if they want to ask questions about the company's products or press number 2 to submit a complaint. Then, then contact center agents talk to customers. This flow eliminates repetitive activities, such as asking the purpose of contacting the company's contact center.

Type of inbound contact center automation service

The following is an implementation of inbound contact center automation technology that can be used for the following purposes:

- Customer service to handle questions, complaints, and receive criticism and suggestions from customers;

- Incoming sales if there are potential customers who have questions or want to buy a product;

- Service desk if customers need guidance in registering or using the product.


What is outbound contact center automation?

In contrast to inbound contact center automation, outbound contact center automation is an outbound call service from the company to customers or prospective customers with the help of technology. The practice of using this one service begins with a system that automatically makes outgoing calls. When the call has been picked up, the recipient of the call will be connected to the contact center agent to communicate the purpose.

With this facility, officers do not need to make calls one by one and wait for the phone to be picked up. Thus, the outbound call center process can be carried out more efficiently. Not only saving time and effort, but the application of this technology also reduces the company's operational costs.

One of the goals of this automation is to acquire new customers or customer acquisition. This is divided into cold calls and warm calls based on whether or not the telephone recipient has interacted with the company. The term cold call is usually used to refer to calls to people who have never interacted with the company. Meanwhile, warm calls are follow-up calls to telephones that have previously contacted the company and received positive responses from customers. The recipient of the warm call is already interested in the product, so it's almost certain the conversation will go well.

Type of outbound contact center automation service

Making outgoing calls is done to carry out market research to obtain new customers. Below are some examples of services that can be done through contact center automation.

- lead generation;

- Market research and surveys;

- direct sales;

- customer loyalty programs;

- Data validation and database development, and others.


Inbound or outbound contact center automation is better?

Judging from the discussion regarding inbound and outbound contact center automation, each has its own function. For example, presenting customer service to solve customer problems can be done through an inbound contact center, while offering new products can be done through outbound contact center automation. Thus, both can be practiced in a balanced way in order to establish good relations with customers.

Using contact center automation makes it easy for contact center agents and increases the company's credibility in the eyes of customers. If you haven't implemented it yet, there's no need to be confused, because PT VADS Indonesia provides inbound and outbound contact center automation services so you can focus more on your core business and don't have to worry about contact center matters. Find contact center automation solutions for your company by contacting VADS right now!


Get to know the 5 Types of Contact Centers for Business Purposes

Posted on 12 Jan 2023

Maintaining customer loyalty is one way to increase marketing cost-effectiveness. One way to increase customer loyalty is to provide contact center services that are appropriate to the type of business being run.

What is a contact center?

The contact center is a contact service that connects customers with brands through various channels, both multichannel and omnichannel. The contact center can be in the form of telephone, email, SMS, live chat, to social media.

Unfortunately, people often misinterpret them by equating contact centers and call centers. In fact, the call center is a part of the contact center itself. The difference is that call centers are centered on contact services via telephone calls.

Basically, contact centers have several types with different functions and services. Therefore, understanding each type will help you know which one best suits your business. The following are five types of contact centers that you need to know about.

1. Inbound contact center

Inbound contact centers are done mainly by receiving telephone calls. In other words, there are a number of trained agents and company representatives whose job is to answer the phone and provide sales and customer service.

Customers who make telephone calls usually want to ask questions about products, technical assistance, or assistance regarding the products and services that have been purchased. The goal of an inbound contact center is to respond to customer concerns quickly and efficiently.

2. Outbound contact centers

The outbound contact center is the opposite of the inbound contact center. It is the company that makes direct contact with customers or potential customers. The goal is to get sales from new customers and those who have bought before. Several forms of outbound contact center services are telemarketing, telesales, and telereminder.

3. On-premises contact center

This type of contact center utilizes the company's workplace to store all contact center equipment. Every hardware and software is operated and managed by the company's IT team. The on-premise contact center prioritizes customer and company data security. In addition, call quality is better and more reliable.

4. Cloud-based contact center

Also known as a virtual call center, a cloud-based contact center is an information contact center that utilizes virtual services to answer every customer's question. Companies take advantage of cloud-based contact center provider services so they no longer need to buy devices and train the workforce. The contact center team can even work anytime and anywhere as long as a good internet connection service is available.

5. Omnichannel contact center

An omnichannel center is the most effective type of contact center. Not only can it be done by making phone calls, but the omnichannel contact center also allows customers to contact brands through other communication channels such as email, SMS, live chat, to social media. An omnichannel contact center also enables your business to reach more customers through different and integrated channels.

Of all the types of contact centers above, all of them can be applied to get faster and more effective service. This method can be enhanced by embedding automation technology to enable every contact center activity to be carried out systematically and automatically. It is the contact center system that will later receive and answer questions from customers according to the algorithm settings in the application.

VADS Indonesia is one of the best contact center service providers in Indonesia. Not only providing, but VADS Indonesia also helps customers to determine which type of contact center can be adapted to business needs.

Using contact center services from VADS Indonesia can help you focus more on important things from the business you are creating. Apart from that, you can still control business operational expenses. Take advantage of contact center services to maximize sales with VADS Indonesia right now!


Top 7 Contact Center Trends 2023 to Optimize Your Business

Posted on 10 Jan 2023

The pandemic has made all movements and jobs in the world that used to be traditional turn digital. However, customer behavior and expectations for fast and efficient service have not changed. Therefore, companies that use contact centers must also follow the latest technology, so they can survive and compete with others. Because consumers judge a brand based on their experience, this digital transformation really helps them evaluate a brand, where all their complaints and problems can be resolved quickly.

In order to provide a good customer experience and generate higher revenue for the company, we must continue to monitor the trends that are currently developing, especially in the contact center industry. Following are the contact center trends in 2023:

Integrated use of AI in customer conversations

Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence is a trend that can help contact center agents to immediately detect customer sentiment and provide feedback. So that customer service becomes more qualified, fast, and good. Data from Gartner estimates that by 2026, conversational technologies using AI including chatbots and IVR will reduce agent labor costs by $80 billion and in some reports, AI will increase contact center productivity by 35%.

Remote Contact Center

The pandemic has triggered a remote working style, so that contact center agents can also work remotely. Implementing hybrid and mobile work is one of the company's work alternatives. The benefits are reduced operational costs, quality agents with a wider range, and also the expansion of global services. However, there are several challenges that must be considered such as maintaining and monitoring productivity levels, agent training and development, maintaining customer data security, and effective communication.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics can help companies gain insight into agent performance as well as customer behavior. The data helps companies focus on analyzing conversations between agents and customers, using only keywords or phrases and also performs emotional detection. So that companies have insight to solve their problems and improve efficiency and customer experience. The contact center also requires real time performance analytics to generate employee productivity reports for business growth and success.

The Cloud Contact Center

Cloud technology can help contact center service operations to ensure a smooth transition to the hybrid work model. Cloud technology can be an effective workforce management tool that enables contact center agents to work remotely, anywhere and provide 24/7 customer service. The cloud can also help companies to build fast workflows because they can handle high call volumes. Investments in cloud technology can help companies create flexible work environments and improve customer data security.

Customize Customer Experience

Personalized customer experiences go a long way in building customer loyalty. This can also be used to improve customer experience metrics such as customer satisfaction scores, customer retention rates, and so on. According to data from McKinsey's 2021, 71% of consumers expect a personalized experience. Agents can find customer data in one solution so they can personalize customer interactions. Personalized customer experience can generate positive reviews for your company's contact center services and can offer a more competitive experience compared to contact centers that don't prioritize customer needs.

Provide support with Omnichannel

Omnichannel enables the contact center industry to meet customer needs across multiple platforms. In this way, customers can easily access information regarding communications with the company and customers do not have to repeat their problems when they switch from one channel to another. So that this omnichannel support becomes a good way of communication and provides a better customer experience.

Contact Center Automation

Automation is emerging as one of the major trends in contact centers. Automation can save costs and also increase efficiency. In addition, it can grow the customer experience by providing solutions that can be personalized at any time. Automation can also automate repetitive agent tasks so agents can focus more on solving customer problems. Automation in the contact center can be in routine activities such as data report export, ticket transfer, and accelerate reach with a predictive dialer or IVR.

Contact center technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help contact centers automate routine, repetitive tasks. RPA bots can answer common customer questions and output relevant customer data when placing phone calls.


Adapting to the contact center trend will help companies meet customer expectations and increase agent productivity to deal with all customer issues. PT VADS Indonesia provides contact center services to provide the best customer experience for your company which is equipped with multiple channels, customizable features, and platform integration to make it easier to manage all your company's contact center activities.


FSI Seminar 2022 VADS Indonesia "Maximizing the Role of Automation for a More Effective and Efficient Customer Experience"

Posted on 06 Dec 2022

Jakarta, 6 December 2022 – PT. VADS Indonesia held the 2022 FSI Seminar with the theme "Maximizing the Role of Automation for a More Effective and Efficient Customer Experience". At this annual seminar, PT VADS Indonesia is working with Gleematic and Exotel to share knowledge and strategies on how to improve customer experience by utilizing technology, especially in the financial industry sector.

The event which was attended by 45 well-known companies from the financial industry such as Commonwealth Bank, Bank DKI, Bank Syariah Indonesia, Bank BCA, Seabank, Dompet Dhuafa and others, some of which are clients of PT. VADS Indonesia presents 5 experienced and competent speakers, both from regulators, the financial industry and consumer services. The speaker who is also a client of PT. The Indonesian VADS are Nufransa Wira Sakti, Expert Staff to the Minister of Finance for Tax Oversight at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Ruly Widyanto, Multiguna Division Head Mandiri Tunas Finance, Vitri Ani, Head of Operations Nanovest, Christopher Lim, Founder/CEO of Gleematic AI, and Raman, Exotel Head of International Marketing.

Saravanan Belusami, CEO of PT VADS Indonesia opened the event by telling the evolution of the customer experience that departed from traditional call centers around the 1990s, multichannel in the 2000s, omnichannel in early 2010, proactive service in late 2010, up to now with robotic customers. experience. "We must always keep up with technological developments by adapting immediately and not being left behind in providing services. Evidenced by online registration (e-KYC) in the financial industry such as banking, fintech and e-commerce which makes it easier, faster and more efficient.", he continued.

In addition, Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of PT VADS Indonesia, explained that automation will shorten data processing, predictable physical activities and data collection by up to 70-75%. Research from McKinsey predicts that 15% of the global workforce will be replaced by automation. Although we also have to pay attention that many developing countries with young generations like Indonesia will experience an increase in the need for employment.

This automation is one of the superior solutions by VADS Indonesia in increasing the trust of clients and prospective clients. "With automation in the Customer Experience, it will reduce the error rate from humans. Everything will be more accurate and consistent, improve customer experience, as well as better operational visibility," said Deddy Hermansyah. He also explained about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) which are used for online registration (e-KYC) processes via video calls, chatbots, voicebots, data processing, collection, inventory, and others.

PT VADS Indonesia's chatbot development is based on AI, natural language processing (NLP), and Machine Learning which makes first contact resolution easier, faster and more efficient. The chatbot has been implemented in several PT VADS clients in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors with a hybrid model (bot + live agent), so that every interaction can be completed at the bot and live agent level. "In today's digital era, we know that a lot of conventional banks are transforming into digital banks, where our clients use full outsourced solutions where the premises, systems and operations are all provided by PT VADS Indonesia. Clients and customers don't need to worry, because we are ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS certified regarding confidentiality and reliable data security for transactions using credit cards," said Deddy Hermansyah. "Apart from that, PT VADS also has ISO 9001:2015 for operational management and what will be coming soon is ISO 37001:2016 regarding anti-bribery. We also provide the latest value added such as learning management system (LMS), knowledge management system (KMS), and quality monitoring system (QMS) to improve CEC performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction quality score (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS). ”

It should be mentioned, in September 2022, PT VADS Indonesia won the "Best Stellar Workplace Award for Small Employee" and "Stellar Workplace Recognition in Employee Commitment & Satisfaction" awards from the Stellar Workplace Award DX 2022. In addition, PT VADS Indonesia also received an award at the Best Contact Center Indonesia 2022 event in the category "The Best Technology Innovation". This was obtained for the support and trust of clients who have used their customer service for PT VADS Indonesia.


PT VADS Indonesia Won a Silver Award at The Best Contact Center Indonesia 2022

Posted on 29 Sep 2022

PT VADS Indonesia won a silver award at The Best Contact Center Indonesia (TBCCI) in 2022 for the corporate category "The Best Technology Innovation".

This national-level contact center world award event in Indonesia has received international recognition from the Contact Center Association of Asia Pacific (CC-APAC) and this year more than 40 companies from various industries participated.

The achievements obtained by PT VADS Indonesia are inseparable from the trust of clients who have entrusted their customer service to PT VADS Indonesia. This success is of course also thanks to the help of the VADSters who have contributed to the TBCCI 2022 event. And with the achievements that have been obtained, PT VADS Indonesia is committed to continuously improving and maintaining its service excellence as a contact center provider BPO company in Indonesia.

Thank you to ICCA Indonesia and all VADSters who have supported VADS Indonesia in this event. Semakin MANTAP!

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