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What is WFM? What Does It Do for Business?

10 October 2023

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Workforce Management (WFM) is a strategic approach that focuses on optimizing the use and management of human resources in an organization. This includes processes, strategies, and technologies to maximize workforce efficiency and effectiveness. WFM aims to integrate business needs with human resource needs, ensure appropriate placement, and increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

WFM Main Functions:

1. Workforce Planning
Workforce planning involves projecting future workforce needs based on business demands. This includes planning the amount, skills, and types of work required to achieve company goals.

2. Recruitment and Selection 
Identifying, recruiting, and selecting employees who fit the organization's needs is an integral part of WFM. This includes candidate search, selection, interviews, and employee placement according to the desired job profile.

3. Employee Development 
Managing employee development involves training, skill development, and increasing employee competency in order to achieve optimal performance levels.

4. Performance Management 
Monitor and evaluate employee performance and provide constructive feedback to increase productivity and achieve organizational goals.

5. Scheduling and Time Management 
Organize work schedules and manage employee time to ensure staff availability in accordance with operational needs.

6. Attendance Management 
Track and manage employee attendance and address issues related to absenteeism or tardiness.


Benefits of Using WFM

Productivity Optimization: WFM helps ensure that employees are on time, have appropriate skills, and are effectively engaged in assigned tasks, which in turn increases productivity.

Operational Efficiency: By optimizing schedules and employee assignments, WFM helps organizations save costs and time, and avoid under-staffing or over-staffing.

Increased Employee Satisfaction: By ensuring a balance between work needs and employees' personal needs, WFM can increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Improved Service Quality: Managing employees well ensures that the service provided meets desired quality standards, helping to build a positive company reputation.


How WFM Works

Data Collection: Gather information about workforce needs, skills, schedules, and employee performance.

Analysis and Planning: Analyze data to plan workforce needs, identify gaps, and formulate strategies to fill those gaps.

Implementation and Monitoring: Implementing plans by selecting, training, and placing employees according to the plans that have been made. Next, monitor and evaluate employee performance.


Features of WFM

1. Automated Scheduling: Enables efficient and fast schedule creation based on employee needs and preferences.
2. Attendance Monitoring: Monitor and record employee attendance, including absenteeism and tardiness.
3. Performance Analysis: Collect employee performance data and analyze it to understand individual and team productivity.
4. Reporting: Provides reports on various aspects of workforce management to help in better decision-making.


Workforce Management is an important tool for companies to maximize human resource performance, optimize operations, and achieve business goals efficiently. By integrating appropriate technology and strategies, WFM helps create an effective and productive work environment for the entire team.

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