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Get to know Search Engine Marketing and its Benefits with PT Vads Indonesia

23 May 2022

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SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach new customers. Using organic strategies for businesses to attract traffic over the long term is important. However, for situations where your business cannot compete well on the Search Engine Result Pages without assistance, SEM can be relied on. Let's get to know Search Engine Marketing and its benefits with PT VADS Indonesia in this article!

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
Basically, Search Engine Marketing is a paid search advertising campaign, for example, Google Ads. The main purpose of SEM is to help optimize the visibility of websites and web pages through search engines. SEM also helps businesses get a better search engine position on Google and other similar sites.

Different from SEO, SEM gets search engine placement quickly, but in a paid way. This paid method covers the entire advertising strategy that generates ads on search engines like Google, for example, ads and certain keywords. Brands can create SEM campaigns on Google, ranging from the most general to the most concrete with various ad options and structures.

What are the benefits of SEM?
SEM strategies are widely applied by various companies not without reason. This is inseparable from the following benefits of SEM:

1. Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency in business helps create financial stability. Businesses can implement cost efficiency, one of which is by implementing SEM. SEM can deliver the results that businesses on a limited budget want.
You can tailor your SEM ads to your budget needs whenever you want. Running an SEM campaign for your business also doesn't require a large initial investment. Therefore, the SEM strategy is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Relatively faster than SEO
SEM is relatively faster than SEO in terms of bringing high-quality traffic to the website. It's effective at grabbing users' attention and generating clicks because it allows users to filter by the words they're looking for. Therefore, SEM ensures that your traffic consists of people who are potentially interested in your brand.

In addition, the SEM ranking is also more flexible because the second or even third rank can be as useful as the first rank. For example, say you have an ad on Google. After a week, your ad consistently appears in the search results in the second or third position when using the keywords you selected. You don't have to spend extra money just to get that top spot. In fact, search engine users click on the second or third-position ads just as often in search results as the first-position ads.

3. Increase conversion rate
Conversion rate (conversion rate) is an action ratio determined based on the number of website visitors multiplied by 100. Therefore, the conversion rate is always a percentage. For example, a company receives 1,000 website visitors. The conversion rate will be calculated when the website visitor buys the product. SEM increases conversion rates because Google Ads helps measure conversions thereby ensuring that your ads are truly effective.

What are the types of SEM?
In general, Search Engine Marketing consists of four types. PT VADS Indonesia has summarized the following explanation of each type:

1. Phrase Match Keyword
Phrase match keywords are types of keywords that are added before or after the keyword. For example, if your main keyword is 'Office Clothes', you can add a keyword match phrase like 'Cheap Office Clothes'. This more focused keyword aims to get an audience with a moderate level of specification and traffic.

2. Exact Match Keyword
As the name implies, exact match keywords are very focused and specific types of keywords. For the main keyword 'Office clothes', for example, the exact match keyword you can add is 'Office clothes for women. This type of keyword traffic is indeed low, but the audience that sees your ad is so specific that it is more likely to be interested in your brand.

3. Negative Keywords
Negative keywords should be avoided because they are keywords that are not relevant or related to your business. An example of a negative keyword for the keyword 'Luxury Office Clothes' for example is 'Used Office Clothes'.

4. Broad Match Keywords
Broad match keywords are very general keywords that allow you to attract a variety of potential customers through high traffic. Broad match keywords are also Google Ads' default keywords so your ad will appear in a variety of keywords if you target one general keyword. For example, if you choose the keyword 'Office Clothes', then your ad will appear when the audience types in the keywords 'Business Clothes', 'Formal Clothes', and others.

That's information about getting to know Search Engine Marketing and its benefits that have been summarized by PT VADS Indonesia. If you need help executing a SEM strategy for your business or brand, you can use Digital Marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia. This service helps you create and publish marketing campaigns through various digital channels. Click here if you need more information about Digital Marketing services from VADS Indonesia and various other interesting services!

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