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VADS Indonesia FSI Webinar 2021 “Approaching The Society 5.0: Understanding the Technology to Maximize the Customer Service Role in Financial Service Industry”

17 November 2021

Image of VADS Indonesia FSI Webinar 2021 “Approaching The Society 5.0: Understanding the Technology to Maximize the Customer Service Role in Financial Service Industry”

Jakarta, 17 November 2021 – PT. VADS Indonesia held the 2021 FSI Webinar with the theme “Approaching The Society 5.0: Understanding the Technology to Maximize the Customer Service Role in Financial Service Industry” via Zoom Webinar. This webinar is an annual activity of PT. VADS Indonesia, which this time collaborated with Genesys with the aim of sharing knowledge and strategies on how to improve customer service by utilizing technology, especially in the financial industry sector.

This event presented 3 experienced and competent speakers from regulators and the financial and customer service industries who are also clients of PT. VADS Indonesia, namely Ms. Intan Rahayu (Director of Cyber ​​Security and Industrial Passwords, National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency of the Republic of Indonesia), Ms. Reni Septiana (Senior Vice President of Digital Bank Central Asia), and Mr. Albert Tay (Director of Financial Services of Genesys APAC). . This webinar was attended by approximately 30 well-known companies from the financial industry including Bank BTN, Bank DKI, Ministry of Finance, Commonwealth Bank, Mega Insurance, Bank OCBC NISP, Bank CIMB Niaga and others, some of whom are clients of PT. VADS Indonesia.

In this webinar, Mrs. Intan Rahayu explained the 5.0 industrial revolution and digital transformation in Indonesia. In addition, it also explained the trend of cyberattacks that occurred in Indonesia, namely Ransomware Attacks (Malware asking for a ransom) and also Denial of Service. The focus of this material is related to industry cybersecurity standards as well as information security aspects that must be considered such as policies and governance, identification of critical assets, capability enhancement, technology security, incident preparedness, and governance. Meanwhile, Mrs. Reni Septiana, explained how the transformation carried out by PT Bank Central Asia in improving its customer service. Various channels that can be used by Bank BCA consumers to contact HaloBCA both traditionally and through digital channels such as WhatsApp, HaloBCA application, email, Twitter, and also chat or telephone with customer service so that consumers can easily get customer service to meet their needs.

Albert Tay, Director & Head of Financial Services for Genesys Asia Pacific, highlighted that the financial services industry is witnessing a paradigm shift and significant disruption to cater to consumers’ evolving needs. To meet the expectations, organizations need to re-evaluate their transformation strategy and modernize quickly. In doing so, they need to adopt a ‘people-centric approach built on the core principles of empathy and providing Experience as a ServiceSM that helps the brand to deliver frictionless and connected customer experiences (CX), ultimately resulting in consumer trust and loyalty. 

“In Reimagining Society 5.0, financial institutions will need to have a deft digital focus on building a more interactive dialogue and tapping into rich technology ecosystem technologies and partners, to deliver more empathetic and personalized interactions. For that, each customer needs to be treated beyond being a serial number to being an individual with unique preferences. At Genesys, Experience-as-a-Service is our northern star which guides us to fulfill our promise of being a strategic vendor, partner, and employer of choice,” said Tay

Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of PT VADS Indonesia revealed how PT VADS Indonesia responded to the challenges of the new society 5.0, where this society is a super-smart society. Internet of Thing (IoT) will connect everyone with machines and also artificial intelligence and all availability of knowledge and information will be open so that it will give birth to new values ​​and increase the possibility of human openness developing through robots, steering fewer cars, artificial intelligence, automation processes to help facilitate physical abilities and behavior.

This is where PT VADS continues to develop and transform to support and respond to the new life and new industries mentioned above. By developing digitalization and digitization of digital services, developing human resource capacity, technology, and infrastructure to identify digital service fulfillment and fully integrate digital transformation. Especially in the financial vertical of the banking sector, PT VADS Indonesia not only helps the transformation of traditional banks into digital banks with service solutions for the Internet of Things, digital branches, omnichannel, analytics (structured and unstructured data), customer centricity, and service excellence as added value and providing a security solution that complies with ISO 27001:2013 security standards and is PCI DSS certified.

“And to answer the challenges in implementing digital security and cyber attacks, we implement a security management system, information security, service security, fraud monitoring, and protection of personal data (customer data), PCI DSS, and Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA), a blockchain service. which has the advantages of advanced technology because it uses blockchain technology, is passwordless, reliable to avoid brute force attacks, cost-effective because there are no additional costs for OTP (SMS fees can be eliminated). PT VADS also provides free POC BSA for financial industry companies which can be accessed at the link” said Deddy Hermansyah.

"Until now, PT VADS has been trusted by several institutions, banks, insurance, and fintech in Indonesia including the Ministry of Finance, Bank BCA, Bank BTN, Bank OCBC NISP, Commonwealth Bank, Honest Bank, FWD, CAR, Shopee Pay, Zipmex, Magic, Bukukas, and so on. We continue to maintain this trust by providing additional value and improving services in an effective, efficient, empathetic, and responsive manner to every strategic client of PT VADS because we realize that PT VADS exists and is big until now because of the many clients who trust and new clients who work together. with PT VADS. This does not stop us from continuing to be more innovative, flexible, and agile in developing new digital solutions as a service provider, including smart banking, smart city, smart retail, and other smart services.” Added Deddy Hermansyah

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