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Kartu Prakerja Collaborates with VADS Indonesia for Contact Center Services

11 April 2022

Image of Kartu Prakerja Collaborates with VADS Indonesia for Contact Center Services

On Friday (01/04/22) the Implementing Management of the Kartu Prakerja Program in collaboration with PT VADS Indonesia inaugurated a contact center service in Jakarta. This collaboration aims to improve information services to applicants and recipients of Kartu Prakerja.

In this fast-paced world, consumers expect a fast and effective way of communicating. The presence of an integrated contact center service will provide convenience in obtaining information related to various needs and constraints experienced by users so that they can be handled more quickly, precisely, and measurably. Contact center services are at the forefront of responding to the needs of Kartu Prakerja users in getting the best quality service regarding the needs and constraints experienced. Therefore, the contact center is expected to be one of the bridges to build a good relationship with Kartu Prakerja users by providing easy services for its users.

Saravanan Belusami, Chief Executive Officer of PT VADS Indonesia said “Kartu Prakerja plays a major role in developing the skills of the Indonesian workforce by providing access to job training and entrepreneurship. This contact center service is a manifestation of the government's seriousness in having a dialogue with citizens by providing valid information. This is certainly an important point because it means the state is here for the community and the community is helped by the Kartu Prakerja.”

Currently, the Kartu Prakerja has a centralized contact center service to provide services and answer all user needs to be supported by experienced and trained agents who are integrated with the latest technological innovations. This contact center service consists of handling all needs, complaints, and complaints from its users.

Simon Charlie, Head of Operations Management of the Kartu Prakerja Program said “The Kartu Prakerja is the first government start-up institution in Indonesia that is 100% digital-based. This program was initiated by Pak Jokowi 2 years ago to answer the needs of Skilling, Upskilling, and Reskilling. During these 2 years, the Kartu Prakerja has set a total of 11.6 million participants from 80 million registrants. We have a moral responsibility to this country so that the Kartu Prakerja always innovates with the best service to be able to improve the achievements that were already good before to be even better.”

With this contact center service collaboration, it is hoped that the Kartu Prakerja will continue to grow and provide the best service for Indonesian citizens and become a catalyst in achieving the vision of an Advanced Indonesia.

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