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Outsourcing Trends in 2021

12 January 2021

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Outsourcing employs a team or a third party company to perform the services required by the company. The activities carried out by outsourcing include various positions and functions such as customer service support, hardware and software development, design, finance, or HR provision services. Outsourcing can be done to cut company operating costs, lower overall labor costs, and also in technology investment. Other benefits of outsourcing are as follows:

- Have a better and productive performance
- Companies can focus more on their core business
- Have wider access to employee skills and expertise
- Can increase the company's business
- Can reach markets and consumers faster
- Has superior infrastructure and is cheaper

A new outsourcing trend has emerged with the focus shifting from the low budget aspect to best practice and other important matters. According to an article from Morph Networks, two years ago the global outsourcing market was close to 100 billion marks. The outsourcing industry has huge advantages and is growing. This shows that the number of outsourcing demand continues to increase and it is predicted that by 2021, the outsourcing industry will develop in a new direction and will get more attention around the world with better improvements, more technological advances, productivity, and flexibility. Plus, when remote work has become normal because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is assumed that after the pandemic, some businesses will continue to do remote work for efficiency and productivity. The company will consider the safest, cost-effective way for the company's development and growth, and keep the company moving forward.

This pandemic has drastically affected changes in our lifestyle, business, and also how we work. It also paves the way for businesses to continue to innovate and meet changing consumer behavior. The following is a prediction of 2021 BPO trends:

1. Knowledge process outsourcing
This type of outsourcing deals with specialized knowledge and problem-solving such as consulting, research, development, analysis, data interpretation, and technical analysis. Companies wishing to expand their insight can use this KPO to meet company requirements at a cost that can be adjusted by the company

2. Automation of robotic processes and AI
Artificial intelligence in outsourcing, as well as other technologies, will continue to improve especially for automated systems as it can help manage workloads effectively and improve enterprise services.

3. Using social media as customer service
The use of social media which increasingly reaches many people makes companies have to use social media as one of their customer services so that they can interact with their customers wherever and whenever they interact with the company so as to create a good customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

4. Improved staff skills
The automation process will take over tasks that are done repeatedly and the focus of the workers will be more specialized. By using outsourcing, companies can improve and expand the services that the company provides. Staff or employees can also improve specific skills by using outsourcing because it can focus on the skills to be upgraded.

5. Cloud computing 
Cloud computing is a necessity for many industries and provides companies with broad access to services such as storage and processing output. 2020 has demonstrated that it is necessary to build cloud computing services, cybersecurity, and also automate business functions. Outsourcing can offer IT infrastructure to companies such as servers, storage, and networking. Not only as a safe storage of personal and company data and information, but it can improve systems and processes that will increase business efficiency.

In 2021, the demand for customer experience will increase. Companies must continue to come up with new tactics and solutions to provide the best customer service. As customer expectations increase, companies should be able to invest in building a good customer support team. Reflecting on the year 2020 when there was a pandemic that hit the whole world, proves how customer service can save companies. When the entire country is under lockdown, the company cannot deliver products quickly and also various other obstacles, but the good customer experience in the past can keep customers supporting the company. With customer service being the center of attention, in the future BPOs will be asked to provide services such as customer journey mapping, benchmarking services, mystery shopping, smart reporting and insight management, real-time omnichannel experience through social media, email, and voice.

2020 is proving to be a challenging year. Even though the BPO industry has survived and succeeded in growing, there is still a long way to go to recover if there are losses. By 2021, the BPO industry will be better prepared to provide solutions to the business world in times of crisis. As more and more businesses reduce traditional practices and embrace new technologies, the BPO industry must do the same to continue serving clients and revolutionizing business processes.

Dedicating your company's customer support services to a reliable outsourcing company is one of the outsourcing trends of 2021. Business services outsourcing will help companies to bring positive results with advances in technology and automation that will help process and better communication. One of them is an Artificial Intelligence solution that can contribute to your company growing faster, serving better customers, and being more productive.

Like many others, the outsourcing industry has begun to adapt its services to accommodate changing technology and the needs of the evolving business landscape. Despite these interesting changes, best practices when working with outsourcing partners remain rooted in the values ​​of transparency, integrity, and communication.

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