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How Does Voicebot Help Increase Your Sales?

09 February 2021

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More and more companies are outsourcing especially on customer service. One of the factors that companies consider outsourcing is to focus more on their core business, in addition to finding that the costs involved in investing in customer service are getting higher every year. Of course, customer service is a basic requirement in every company.

One of the customer services that companies must have is calls via telemarketing or outbound calls which function to increase company revenue. However, to run an outbound service requires costs per call unit, overhead costs, or the amount of profit earned. For this reason, technology is needed that can simplify the way outbound works and also at an affordable price. One of the technologies used is Artificial Intelligence. One of the ways to use Artificial Intelligence or AI in outbound is the Voicebot solution.

What is Voicebot?
Voicebot is a software service supported by Artificial Intelligence to handle phone calls without humans. The voice bot includes the use of Natural Language Processing so that it produces natural sounds that are similar to humans and also natural language processing. Some calls still sound synthesized which sounds like robots but some companies are already using AI which produces human-like voice or TTS (text-to-speech) technology so that natural, human-like voices help improve the overall voice call quality and provide much better results. 

Benefits of Using Voicebot
Voicebot can be used to make sales calls or outbound contact centers at low costs and can also be available 24/7 in making phone calls which are real benefits and help companies improve your customer service and sales. There is no limit in expanding the line of calls and does not require more human resource costs will be suitable for companies who want to start sales activities in a short time.

In addition, companies do not need to hesitate to worry about voice quality or the inability to answer questions from customers given by voice bot, the AI ​​inserted by NLP will produce human-like voices so that it can help generate better quality sales prospects.

Voicebot does have extraordinary advantages in terms of increasing company revenue and budget efficiency in customer service. However, voice bot cannot completely replace human salespeople. Several industrial sectors still need a human touch in providing a key role in the success of outbound contact centers. Voicebot can help filter data and information related to the needs of its customers. In addition, a voice bot will also save salespeople time and energy so that salespeople can focus on specific clients. This is an opportunity to improve customer service and the company's contact center for the better.

Increase Sales with Smart Outreach
In some cases, a voice bot will be a big thing in customer service because of its easy use, responsiveness, and also personalization. Voicebot will be a customer service support tool that companies are in high demand for. VADS Indonesia can help your company implement a voice bot as a feature to improve your customer service, especially for outbound call centers with Smart Outreach solutions. Smart outreach or voice bot is software that is powered by artificial intelligence that helps callers communicate like an interactive voice system (IVR) that can respond naturally. Some of the benefits that can be considered in choosing a Smart Outreach to increase company sales are:

- Data Collection
Smart Outreach can be used by companies in conducting data collection to update their customer data and can also be used in verifying the data of customers who want to upgrade services.

- Reminder
Smart Outreach can be used by companies to provide reminders to customers related to billing, payments, and other reminders related to bills.

- Sales and Marketing
Smart Outreach can be used to get leads and data that can later be used for sales. In addition, Smart Outreach can also be used to make meeting arrangements with clients.

VADS Indonesia provides smart outreach with only 5 working days setting for basic setup in implementing smart outreach as a feature to improve your customer service with the following benefits:
- Automatically recognizes Indonesian and other local languages ​​through machine learning
- Flexibility in terms of duration
- Quick settings and can be integrated with other systems or your own
- Available for various channels
- Can be integrated with agents with a human augmented bot (hybrid)

Contact for consultation and product demonstrations to find out more about the use of smart outreach to increase sales of your company.





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