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4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

17 January 2022

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Artificial intelligence is a new technology in the form of simulating human intelligence processes by machines or the ability of computer programs. An example of artificial intelligence is Apple's voice assistant Siri, which can understand and receive verbal commands. Well, the application of artificial intelligence technology in business offers its own advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence? Here's the information!

Advantages of artificial intelligence
As a technology that simulates human intelligence processes, of course, artificial intelligence provides its own advantages. Here are some of the advantages of artificial intelligence for businesses:

1. Able to handle repetitive work
The first advantage of artificial intelligence is that it is able to handle repetitive tasks, such as verifying certain documents, sending emails, marking meetings on the calendar, and so on. This ability allows you to automate various tasks, freeing people to be more creative. You no longer need to do repetitive work because artificial intelligence can easily do it with the help of AI algorithms. As a result, you and your team can achieve the best output.

2. Thorough and consistent
Artificial intelligence also has a thorough and consistent nature so that all incoming data and knowledge will not be reduced, and the chances of making mistakes are also very small. For example, different from if you calculate manually, performing calculations using a computer or Excel certainly rarely finds errors. This is also one of the reasons why artificial intelligence is widely used and needed to accelerate the completion of human work.

3. Permanent
Permanent is also one of the advantages of artificial intelligence. In the case of storing company sales data, artificial intelligence is also permanent so it will not change as long as computer systems and programs do not change it. Various company information can also be more easily duplicated or disseminated through artificial intelligence. Information or knowledge stored in computer systems can be easily transferred or copied from one computer to another, thereby increasing the efficiency of the company in terms of disseminating and sharing information.

4. Can be saved
Artificial intelligence can also be stored so that it is able to process big data of any size or amount. The amount of data received by artificial intelligence will not be a problem because all incoming data can certainly be stored and reused at a later date, even by the next generation.

Lack of artificial intelligence
After knowing the advantages of artificial intelligence, it is also important to know that artificial intelligence has a number of disadvantages of its own. Some of the disadvantages of artificial intelligence are:

1. The cost is quite expensive
Artificial intelligence uses the latest technology so of course, the cost is quite expensive if you want to use it. However, it is worth the various advantages offered. A machine that is capable of imitating human logic and reasoning requires a lot of resources and time, so it is worth it to cost more when compared to other types of machines.

2. Have no emotions
Although created by imitating human logic and reasoning, artificial intelligence is emotionless. Companies can't use it to connect emotionally with customers.
So even if an artificial intelligence system can provide customer assistance via a chat system powered by bots, human intervention at some point may still be needed to resolve the issue. Ethics and morality are not shared by machines either, so while this technology can help companies reduce the time it takes to complete repetitive tasks, machines are unable to include morale when dealing with customers.

3. Human work is reduced
More work that can be done by artificial intelligence means more work that is no longer done by humans. This of course has an impact on reducing job opportunities. This means that some people have to think about finding other jobs that are more creative and cannot be done by artificial intelligence.

4. Lack of creativity
One of the things that only humans and not machines have is creativity. There are many tasks that are suitable for machines because they can be planned or modified to be performed. However, in addition to tasks that require creativity, artificial intelligence is able to provide satisfactory results required by companies.

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