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These are 4 Metrics for Social Media Analytics

04 April 2023

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In the business world, social media marketing is now starting to become the heart of branding and promotion of a product. Accompanied by technological developments, currently, social media for business people has been specifically categorized, for example, Instagram Professional Dashboard, Whatsapp Business, and others.
Currently, there is a social media analytic tool that can make it easier for you to observe the performance of social media accounts. By looking at this data, you can evaluate how effective your social media strategy is. Come on, check out the four lists of metrics and their respective explanations below!

1. Reach and Impression

Reach indicates the total number of accounts interested in and watching your content on social media. Meanwhile, impressions indicate how many times your content appears on the audience's timeline. The more trendy the content you create, the more likely it appears on many people's timelines. This is closely related to your shrewdness in social media marketing.
In implementing social media analytics, your social media marketing needs to be re-evaluated if the reach numbers are low. If impressions are high, but people are not interested in clicking on content, it means that your content is still not interesting and needs to be developed.

2. Engagement

As previously mentioned, engagement rate is just as important as reach and impressions, and the results are even more transparent. The reason is, engagement generally involves total likes, shares, and comments that usually appear on your Instagram content. Meanwhile, on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok the same thing applies, it's just that the types of metrics are somewhat different.
The more interactions you get from your audience, the higher your engagement rate will be. From there, you can see whether your followers are active followers or not. For a business, the engagement rate is significant to increase brand reputation, so the total audience interested in your content can be even greater. Thus, engagement is the most crucial component in social media analytics.

3. Response Rate

The response rate is closely related to customer care services. This is because attractive social media marketing is not the only determining factor for the success of your business product content. This also still needs to be supported with good customer care. This one metric is usually included in the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score on social media analytics.
Good customer care services need to communicate intensely and interactively with the audience, for example by being responsive and quick to respond to audience questions on social media. So that the quality of the customer experience can be guaranteed. To guarantee this, you can use the services of PT. Experienced Vads Indonesia fulfills customer experience targets.

4. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is one of the peak stages of social media analytics. This one metric shows how effective social media marketing is from the product content you create. conversion rate focuses directly on the action, where the audience is moved to buy something because of the influence of the content you create. How to find out? Generally, there is a Click Through Rate (CTR) feature to make it easier for you to find out how many clicks your audience has clicked with a comparison of Ads impressions.

Apart from the four metrics above, in the realm of social media analytics, there are still many things you need to know more about so that your business can grow in the digital world. Find related information on the official website of PT VADS Indonesia!

In order for your social media marketing business to run smoothly, there are things that are more practical than having to run complex social media analytics independently, namely with the help of PT VADS Indonesia. Is your business in need of help developing social media analytics? Click here for more details!

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