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Different from Call Center, Following are Contact Center's Scope of Work and Duties

26 January 2022

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What are the tasks of a contact center that make it different from a call center? Both the contact center and call center are services that function to help consumers understand the product to resolve problems that arise when using the product.

However, in practice, contact centers and call centers are two different things. This article will discuss call centers, starting from the differences between call centers, the scope of work, to the tasks that must be done. Let's see together!

Contact center is different from call center
Although the terms look similar, a contact center is different from a call center. As the name suggests, call centers serve consumers through telephone lines. Meanwhile, the contact center serves consumers with more diverse communication channels.

Apart from telephone calls, the contact center also serves customers through other communication channels such as e-mail and social media. HR who operate contact center services or more often referred to as contact center agents also have a relatively wider scope of work when compared to call center agents.

Contact center scope of work
The easiest way to tell the difference between a contact center agent and a call center agent is to look at their scope of work. When compared, the scope of work of a contact center agent is wider than that of a contact center agent. Here's the explanation.

1. Usually apply shift work system
To provide the best service to customers, companies usually provide customer service that operates 24 hours non-stop. Well, to meet these needs, it is clearly not possible if a contact center agent works continuously without stopping. As a solution, the contact center is operated with a shift work system. Usually, companies will implement three shift times in one day, namely in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

2. Still have a career path
A contact center agent does not always sit and accept customer complaints. This is because the contact center also has a career path. Several industrial sectors allow the contact center to be able to rise to a higher position. One of the most common examples is in the banking industry. Contact center agents who have good performance can be promoted to back office, then to marketing staff. In fact, it is possible that the contact center will later be appointed as the head of a bank branch.

3. Also focus on customer experience
The difference between a contact center and a call center can also be seen from the service focus. The task of the contact center is more focused on the customer experience of the products offered by the company. Contact center agents not only hear and receive customer complaints but also provide the right solution quickly.

4. Ideally handle omnichannel services
As mentioned in the previous point, the contact center does not only handle one communication channel. The contact center also communicates with customers through other channels such as social media.
Therefore, contact centers should ideally handle omnichannel services rather than multi-channel. Omni-channel services are more focused on customer experience, in contrast to multi-channel services which focus on the diversity of customer communication channels.

The task of the contact center in the company
From the previous points, the task of the contact center is predictable. The main task of the contact center is to communicate effectively with consumers. Unlike a call center whose success indicator is measured by the number of calls received and made, the success of a contact center is seen from customer satisfaction.

If the customer is satisfied and gets the solution needed to solve the problem, then the contact center is considered successful. On the other hand, if the contact center cannot find a solution to the problem posed or the consumer is dissatisfied with the services provided, then he is considered not to have met the target.

From this, it can be concluded that the tasks of the contact center and call center are indeed completely different. A contact center agent focuses more on the customer experience, while a call center focuses on the accessibility of customer communication channels.

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